CIMA SpA has been a leader in the production of equipment for crop protection: LOW VOLUME PNEUMATIC SPRAYERS, DUSTERS. The company has always believed in the concept of sustainability, committing itself to the development and innovation of products that ensure the highest level of respect for the environment and for people. The goal is to supply high quality equipment that allows the carrying out of plant protection treatments aimed at the conformation of vegetation thanks to the adaptation of distribution heads. Our mission is full customer satisfaction: considerable saving of water, time reduction and more timely intervention are the advantages of CIMA’s low volume pneumatic.

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Loc. Molino Quaroni , Montù Beccaria (PAVIA) , 27040 Italy
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CIMA SpA was founded in 1974 by the willingness to develop an innovative technique for crop protection.

The Valle Versa, in the heart of the Oltrepo’ Pavese noted for the quality of its vineyards and wines, is an adequate terrain to welcome the new operative principle (defined as Low Volume) which the production of pneumatic sprayers and dusters is based on.

The special needs of various Italian situations and the possibility to provide quality interventions that are more efficient and economically more advantageous, while respecting the ecological balance of the environment, have initiated the industrial progress of the company.

The positive response from the European viticulture market was immediate, the French one in particular: this has given us the opportunity to come into contact with situations and growing techniques different from the domestic ones, giving us the push for the design and development of personalised solutions. The flexibility to design quality products tailored to the needs of the end user, has enabled the company to create successful solutions even for the treatment of crops that are different to vines.

The strength from matured experience and thanks to the initiatives of its leadership, at the beginning of the 1980s CIMA took its first steps outside of the European market, initially exporting to South Africa, which has warmly welcomed the innovative equipment: then requests from the United States of America, Australia and New Zealand followed.

The foreign market has allowed us to broaden our knowledge on diverse conditions and crops; thanks to the specialisation and the exchange of information with clients in the area, as well as the information and experience acquired during the experimentation and field trials, the R&D staff is always able to develop and offer the right product according to every client’s needs.

In 2000 the company made significant investments in the construction of the new headquarters, introducing ultra-modern machinery: every mechanical part is manufactured inside the factory to ensure the total Made in Italy supply chain.  In the last decade, thanks to the conclusion of important trade agreements with countries such as India, Kenya and Egypt, export represents 85% of sales.  CIMA SpA is already working for the future: as always, commitment and energy are dedicated to the carrying out of products that are constantly at the forefront of respecting the environment.