Cimberio S.p.A

Cimberio S.p.A

Cimberio S.p.A

A different company. A worldwide leader in the production of brass components and valves for plumbing systems, heating and air conditioning and gas and water distribution networks. Strengthened by total sales of more than 50 million Euros with its entire production concentrated in the San Maurizio d’Opaglio and Pogno manufacturing facilities that employ 190 people, with 6 foreign subsidiaries distributing our products in 77 countries. Able to strongly believe in Italy and in the “Made in Italy” brand but at the same time to grow in the world until assuming our current international size.

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Via Torchio, 57- C.P , San Maurizio d’Opaglio , Novara 106 - 2801 Italy
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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)

Able to resist the temptation to delocalize and run away, able to keep our manufacturing facilities in Italy, even with a great deal of effort and significant sacrifices.

Able to face difficult economic times with our heads held high and to take advantage of them to grow larger, invest more and become stronger.

Able to look around and live by respecting the world that we live in, convinced of leaving our children a better environment than what we were given.

Where we started

It was 1957.

Giacomo Cimberio was able to understand what was happening around him and to read the signs of an economic boom that was about to hit Italy after the devastation left by the war. The founder of the company, which still bears his name today, thus decided to pursue - continuously and no matter what the case - top quality with the use of the best technologies available at the time.

Where we are

More than half a century later, we realize that things really haven’t changed that much.

The values on which Giacomo Cimberio founded the company were passed down to his son Renzo, who was able to maintain these values and put them in the hands of his son Roberto.

Today Cimberio is a worldwide company that lives and works exactly as it was intended by its founder. With the ideal of quality, increasingly more difficult to pursue and maintain, as the objective and as a value.

Where we want to go

Important people and important companies are able to transform difficulties into challenges, and crisis into opportunity.

In a time in which the world economy has suffered and made us all suffer, Cimberio has tried to grit its teeth and revive itself.

The significant investments made over the past years have allowed Cimberio to become a different company: more international, increasingly intent on achieving better quality every day, more sensitive and aware of social themes and the respect of people and our world.

Because this is our future.

Speaking of Values (with the “V” rigorously capitalized) in Cimberio means to talk of everyday life, gestures, kindness and lifestyles. Everything we do is driven by those fundamental rules that were planted in our heads and which for us are absolutely necessary: ask that of yourself before asking others.

Our company was founded on an inspiration and has continued since its initial years by pursuing a Value called Quality: the most important goal, the finish line to cross and develop every day, the purpose of everyday work. Years have gone by, we have traversed the era with the most changes in human history, and yet our basic rules (our Values) have remained essentially the same.
Total quality is our mantra.Quality must be in line with Innovation, since keeping up-to-date and trying to achieve maximum quality every day requires constant attention to the technologies that are available to us.

Today’s challenges have also imposed another value on us called Excellence, since we believe that the only way to face moments of crisis is to “do things even better”. To excel every day in everything and for everyone, always try to do better and offer the best. Tomorrow’s challenges require maximum attention to Sustainability, which means total respect for our surrounding environment, the need to leave our children a better world than what we found, and the ability to make the company even more sound and focused on the future.

We wanted to summarize our values and we created a symbol and a name. Deriving from the acronym of the words Innovation, Excellence and Sustainability which are intended to be our guidelines in our voyage towards tomorrow, and which can be pronounced as “Yes”. Because for us “Yes” is not just a response, but its also an actual lifestyle, a way (or rather, the way) to confront problems. When presented any question, any request, any need, at Cimberio we are used to answering: yes.