CISA Cedacería Industrial S.L.

CISA Cedacería Industrial S.L.

Cisa started officially its activity as a manufacturer of wood screens and sieves at the end of the 19th Century, fostered by Mr. Antoni Ros. Originally, the company was located on Pallars st. Number 147, in the Poble Nou neighbourhood. At the beginning the business was only dedicated to manufacture and repair sieves and screens. It was after 1948 and thanks to the son-in-law of the founder, Mr. Juan Jose Sans Alabau, when the company changed its place to a new building in the Pere IV st., number 197 Bis. In this new business he started a new activity: the selling of the wire mesh for industrial applications. It was thanks to Mr. Sans Alabau that CEDACERIA INDUSTRIAL was consolidated as one of the main providers of wire mesh nationwide.

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Alaba, 56 Bis , Barcelona , 08005 Spain
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Forestry & Wood
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Internationally (various countries)
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In 1960, Mr. Jordi Ferrer Carabús, son-in-law of Mr. Sans Alabau, made a decisive change by designing a new strategy: from the handmade sieves to the industrial manufacturing of test sieve, including a line of sieve shakers which were a leader in the national market for 20 years, with the model PTZ40. In 1987 we started the manufacturing of our own line of sieving equipment, and at the same time we exhibit in ACHEMA next year. There, we present the first sieve shaker with digital regulation, the model RP01. After this one, next models were the RP08 and RP10. The sieve has suffered a big evolution: at the beginning was just an ordinary tool in farms, flour factories, foundries, pharmacies… where its function was just to separate bigger fractions to small ones. Now, it’s a metrology tool submitted to rigorous and demanding standards. This provoked a change on the business strategy. This change is due to the following basic principles: - Intensive use of new technologies - A commitment for the developing of our own technologies of electronic control. - Close cooperation with universities - Strong bid for the foreign trade Our first steps were given at the exhibition AHEMA (Frankfurt) and at the SALON DU LABORATOIRE (Paris), both in 1988. We have continued attending to several exhibitions such as ACHEMASIA in Beijing, ANALYTICA in Munich, Moscow and Singapore, ARABLAB in Dubai, PITTCON in USA…