Clark Cooper - A Division of Magnatrol Valve Corp.

Clark Cooper - A Division of Magnatrol Valve Corp.

Clark Cooper is a manufacturer of solenoid valve products who offers personal solutions not just standard product lines. There are many valve manufacturers who make `off the shelf` solenoid valve products. They may even offer a variety of metals and optional components for industrial applications. But as corrosive chemicals, abrasive materials, temperature extremes and high pressures begin to disqualify standard product lines and producers, finding a suitable product and willing vendor becomes a sourcing challenge. Today, engineers, researchers, maintenance departments, purchasing managers, and others involved in identifying solenoid valve solutions have to go through a variety of channels.

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941 Hamilton Avenue , Roebling , New Jersey 08554 USA
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Water and Wastewater
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Internationally (various countries)
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When you’re really good at something the word gets around. In our case our good name has been around since 1914. You choose a Clark Cooper valve to solve a difficult problem, increase your process performance or develop something others said was impossible. Next time, when a common general service solenoid valve does not meet your requirements, turn to Clark Cooper first! We take pride in meeting specialized valve requirements for industry, research, transportation, energy and exploration.

Our mission is to provide unprecedented value to our customers by meeting their unique solenoid valve and order requirements and exceeding their individual expectations throughout the process.

At Clark Cooper we have a vast library of valve designs, as well as offering many modifications to our standard selection of valves. Please visit our engineered valves page to learn more about how we can design valves for your specific application.

Flexibility through Innovation
We value our ability to be flexible in our internal processes as well as the changing requirements of our customers. We achieve this flexibility through innovation. We approach challenges as an opportunity to do something new and different. We are dedicated to continually evaluating and renewing our methods of exceeding customer's expectations.

Integrity through Commitments
We value integrity among our employees and we strive to ensure that our customers see integrity in all of our interactions. If we make a commitment, we want to stand by it, and ensure that we have done everything possible to meet it. We want to provide you with confidence and trust along with our product, knowing that a proven track record is best for all of us.

Prosperity through Interdependence
Magnatrol and its employees value prosperity as much as everyone else. We realize that our business depends on each other from suppliers, employees, resellers to the final end user. This requires us to listen to and understand the specific needs of our partners. We want to ensure that all of our business relationships are win-win.

Growth through Value
We value growth in many forms. We want our employees to grow personally and professionally. We want our product lines and application development to grow. Finally we want our customer base and profitability to grow. We know that our customers don't simply buy a product from us; they buy value for their business. Ultimately it is our goal to consistently increase our abilities to add value. By providing value to our employees, our suppliers and ultimately our customers, we will be able to achieve steady and rewarding growth.

Leadership through Culture
Clark Cooper values our ability to influence the markets and industries we serve. We also value leadership in our employees by understanding that a business with leaders is a business that allows us to truly have an impact. We find, train and encourage leadership through our culture. We strive for the culture of Clark Cooper to be an integrated group of leaders, each pursuing their own unique passion and vision, properly utilized and entrusted to fulfill the mission of our Company.

In 1914, Mr. Clark Cooper founded the Clark Cooper Company in response to a request from the US Army. Klaxon horns, manufactured in France, were needed for the production of US military vehicles. As a result of the German invasion in WWI these horns were no longer available. Mr. Cooper established the company in Philadelphia and began to produce horns and other signaling equipment.

From 1914 to 1944 Mr. Cooper invented and patented whistles and pneumatic signaling equipment for locomotive and rail systems. Many of the bronze horns and whistles made in Philadelphia are still in existence today.

In 1944 The Clark Cooper Company was moved to Palmyra, NJ and began to diversify their product lines. Palmyra, located across the river from Philadelphia, allowed the company to sell signaling equipment to the Navy during WWII. Most notably during that time was the rapid construction of Liberty Ships by the Navy.

After the war, the company looked to expand into other markets and began to develop a line of chemical metering pumps. This line of pumps became very attractive to a Midwest chroming company, Hooker Electrochemical, who purchased Clark Cooper Company in 1961.

In 1968 Clark Cooper Co. was sold to William Hagan who would operate the business in Palmyra, Riverton and Cinnaminson, New Jersey until 2002. During his long tenure, the company continued to manufacture and sell signaling equipment and chemical metering pumps. Also during this time a relationship with Magnatrol Valve began to form as Mr. Hagan began to manufacture valves. With a focus on military applications, Mr. Hagan would purchase general service solenoid valves from Magnatrol and modify them to meet Navy requirements.

This relationship with Magnatrol provided the opportunity for the company to be acquired by Magnatrol Valve Corp. in 2003. The company has since narrowed its focus to concentrate solely on designing and manufacturing solenoid valves for specialty applications. There have been numerous investments in engineering and production capabilities that resulted in new high pressure valve product lines, third party certifications and drastically reduced lead times.

In 2013, due to expansion and growth, the company relocated its headquarters to a larger facility in Roebling, New Jersey.

After 100 years of business, we want you to know that the same 1914, Made-In-America standards go into every one of our versatile solenoid valve products. As a Clark Cooper customer, you can count on a responsive technical support team, faster deliveries and famous Clark Cooper innovation for years to come.