Clean Air Products

Clean Air Products

Clean Air Products, established in 1969, designs and manufactures standard, modified-standard and custom cleanroom systems, equipment and components for a broad range of industries and applications. To maintain a clean and controlled environment, the air inside cleanrooms is filtered to remove dust and other airborne particles. Workers must wear specially designed cleanroom garments including gowns, coveralls, shoe covers, gloves, head coverings and face masks made from non-shedding materials. Cleanroom operations may also involve air showers that use forced air to remove dust, pollen and other contaminants from people and objects prior to entering the clean room.

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8605 Wyoming Ave. N. , Minneapolis , Minnesota 55445 USA
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Air Filtration
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Globally (various continents)

Although cleanroom technology has not changed significantly over the past 45 years, cleanroom requirements have become more stringent. More industries require varying levels of cleanroom facilities for research, production and testing purposes.

Clean Air Products is dedicated to providing industries the most up-to-date facilities that meet challenging expectations.

Cleanroom Solutions Made Easy
Clean Air Products offers a broad range of high quality modular cleanrooms and cleanroom equipment to meet the needs of applications from Class 100,000 (ISO 8) to Class 10 (ISO 4.) Our quality is a cut above that of other cleanroom providers but what really sets us apart is our readiness to go the extra mile to make sure you get the cleanroom configuration that meets your needs exactly.

The right cleanroom. The right assistance. 
There’s a lot to know about cleanrooms. It starts with the basics of class ratings. But what you need to know to spec the right cleanroom configuration goes far beyond that. The entry of people and components into your cleanroom will affect its performance. Position of the cleanroom in your facility will as well. The processes performed in a cleanroom have their impact, too.

Concerned about managing all the details? Don’t be. Clean Air Products can help. Our Resources section has articles on cleanroom basics and products. There’s a glossary of key cleanroom terms as well. And be sure to contact us. Our cleanroom experts will work with you to put together a cleanroom solution that’s top quality and functional at an unbeatable value.