Clean Properties, Inc.

Clean Properties, Inc.

Clean Properties, Inc.

Clean Properties, Inc. specializes in oil and hazardous waste clean-up. Since 1989, we have completed over 3,000 environmental projects, serving Massachusetts and adjoining states. Projects include cleanup of oil and industrial contaminants such as solvents, chlorinated hydrocarbons and toxic metals, in soil, groundwater and indoor air at industrial, commercial and residential properties. These projects have ranged in complexity from a small volume of impacted soil to multiple acres of contaminated property and we also support site development projects.

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111 Boston Post Road , Sudbury , Massachusetts 01776 USA
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Service provider
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Site Remediation
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Regionally (various states or provinces)

Clean Properties seeks to understand clients' needs and concerns, as well as the full nature of the problem.  Where appropriate, we negotiate with other parties to optimize financial outcome.  The heart of our work is developing and implementing focused, cost-efficient solutions to protect and clean properties in fulfillment of regulatory requirements. We are fully equipped with professional and technical staff, specialized construction equipment and the most current monitoring devices.

Innovative solutions

Clean Properties, Inc. utilizes the latest technologies to assess and remediate disposal sites. Keeping abreast of the latest regulatory and policy developments helps us not only to keep your Site in compliance, but allows us to develop creative approaches to the management and financing of environmental cleanup projects. In multiple instances we have combined or advanced existing technologies in order to provide solutions to specific challenges posed at disposal sites that would have otherwise been cost prohibitive. This has lead to the development of several patent pending processes which we can put to work to efficiently clean your Site.

Clean Properties multi-disciplinary staff

The diverse backgrounds of Clean Properties' staff members allows us to approach each disposal site in a integrated manner. When you hire Clean Properties, not only do you have a Licensed Site Professional that formerly worked for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and has over two decades of experience in the field, but you also have Professional Engineers, Biologists, and a Hydrogeologist all working for you to steer your cleanup effort along the most appropriate course to completion. Clean Properties also has the capability to conduct in-house Human Health Risk Assessment, and our Registered Landscape Architect can provide insight on future land development plans as your cleanup project is coming to a close.

Not to be lost amongst the certifications is the importance of bridging the gap between design and application. Clean Properties technical staff, with strong construction and mechanical backgrounds, possess the kind of hands-on understanding and practicality that is needed to make your job go smoothly from planning through implementation to completion. This allows us to substantially save you money by reducing sub-contracting expenses assocaited with remedial system installations and additive applications encountered with many other companies.

Vapor intrusion mitigation

Vapor Intrusion is a concern that is currently receiving a lot of attention by both regulators and environmental professionals alike. Vapor Intrusion is caused by the presence of contamination beneath a building and becomes a problem when there is occupied space in that building that could, due to exposure to infiltration vapors, pose a condition of risk to its occupants. Our office and field staff have joined together to develop specialty equipment and approaches for the treatment of contamination located in some of the most difficult to access locations, such as beneath buildings, in a cost-effective way. We have also developed remote monitoring systems for vapor mitigation systems to ensure that vapors are not posing a risk to building occupants during cleanup and beyond site closure where regulations allow.

Selecting the optimal remedial approach

At Clean Properties we understand that every site presents its own challenges and therefore should receive unique consideration. Varying contaminants and their chemical properties, soil transmissivity, depth to subsurface contamination, groundwater flow direction and depth to groundwater, oxidation reduction potential and dissolved oxygen content to name just a few variables can make a big difference in developing a successful remedial approach. Knowing the variables involved along with understanding the applicable regulatory considerations allows us to select the most appropriate site-specific remedial measure rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach with your money.

To learn more about the remedial technologies that Clean Properties frequently employs click on one in the above list.

Clean Properties staff have decades of hazardouse waste site cleanup experience, starting with earlier technologies and keeping pace with advances to the present. Our extensive first hand knowledge enables us to determine the minimum testing needed for each site in order to design and implement an optimal cleanup approach.

Services Include:

  • Environmental Site Assessment
  • Oil & Hazardous Waste Site Remediation
  • Regulatory Specialists for hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Regulations
  • ASTM-Based Environmental Site Assessments
  • Indoor Air, Vapor Intrusion Testing & Mitigation
  • Subsurface Investigation/Testing
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Underground Storage Tank Removal
  • Patented Water Treatment Process