Clean Water Technology, Inc.

Clean Water Technology (CWT) encompasses all aspects of wastewater treatment. Creators of the GEM System, the most advanced flocculation and floatation system on the market, CWT specializes in solutions for primary treatment (GEM Systems, DAFs, clarifiers), bio-degradation, screens and membrane systems. Funded in 1996, Clean Water Technology has focused on improving the technology for the waste water industry. With over 20 patents in the field of flotation and flocculation, the company is the leader of the flotation and flocculation systems through its Gas Energy Mixing System (“GEM”). The Company has offices in Los Angeles, CA, South America and in Mexico, and we provide our products throughout the globe.

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151 W. 135th Street , Los Angeles , CA 90061 USA

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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In addition to new installations, CWT can retrofit existing DAFs and bio-degradation units. Our systems require a smaller footprint and are more efficient than conventional technologies. We provide waste water solutions which are above and beyond any other comparable products in the industry. In the development of our products, we have surpassed the competition in terms of equipment efficiency, footprint requirements, contaminant removal rates, ease-of-use, more beneficial bi-product generation, and price.

Clean Water Technology, Inc. is the leader in solid/liquid separation technologies. Our wide variety of patented technologies introduce novel concepts in mixing flocculation and flotation, the implementation of cutting-edge biological reduction technologies, and a complete array of robust waste water system peripherals which include screen filtration units and automated chemical delivery systems.