Cleanawater started out offering water treatment in Melbourne and now leads the Australian market in water treatment system design, manufacture, installation and servicing. Starting out as an oil water separator manufacturer, we now also offer wash bay, rainwater harvesting, pump stations, skimmers and chemical control solutions – both off-the-shelf and bespoke. It`s why we can proudly boast household names like Boeing, VISY, Toll and the Department of Defence as long-term clients. The term “wastewater” doesn’t have particularly appealing connotations. In areas of the world where water appears to be an infinite and easily accessed resource, we pay little attention to what happens to the water after we’ve used it.

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4 Channel Rd , Mayfield West , NSW 2304 Australia

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Our award-winning products are engineered for performance, economy and ease of use. That includes both custom-built and off-the-shelf units approved by all major water authorities.

And with Cleanawater recently acquired by the Bulbeck group, we're looking forward to an exciting new chapter in our rich history.

From humble beginnings in a suburban garage, Cleanawater has grown into a market-leading water treatment system supplier.

  • Help you meet water authority regulations
  • Full service – equipment design, supply, installation, maintenance, repairs, finance and after-sales support
  • Genuine problem-solvers – no hard sell
  • Decades of expertise and experience
  • Award-winning systems engineered for performance, economy and ease of use


Building innovative oil water separators

Cleanawater began building innovative oil water separators in a small garage in Blackburn, Victoria (shared with a mechanic) with one full-time and one part-time staff member.


New owners and potential

With the owner approaching retirement, Cleanawater is sold. The new owners recognised the potential of Cleanawater's water treatment products and begin a focussed development and marketing plan.


New national and international clients

CSR, Amcor, CHEP and Toll become key clients.


A dedicated facility

With sales volume increasing, a dedicated facility was required to aid assembly operations. Cleanawater moves to a small factory in Thomastown, Victoria.


New major clients

Fulton Hogan and Reece become major clients. Boeing, VISY and the Department of Defence follow shortly after.


Larger production facilities

Cleanawater moves to a larger factory in Thomastown to facilitate production of new larger treatment systems.


Design of new water recycling systems

Design of complete recycle systems in shipping containers comes online. Development of rainwater integration and small-footprint complete skid mounted systems.


Development of new hydrocyclone technology

Recognising the need for low maintenance, higher volume oil and water treatment, development of new hydrocyclone technology begins. First flush diversion systems revised and relaunched to market.


Improvements in treatment plant technology

Significant advancements in design of new hydrocarbon spill management and treatment plant technology.


New partnership

Cleanawater joins the Bulbeck group.