CleanPlanet Chemical

CleanPlanet Chemical

We transform your chemical / solvent waste into reusable , virgin quality product – without requiring you to purchase anything. We provide the equipment, installation, and ongoing service absolutely free. You only pay for the solvents you recover at a discount while reducing your hazardous waste by as much as 80%.

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6207 Bee Cave Road, Suite 165 , Austin , Texas Texas USA
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Recycling Systems
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Internationally (various countries)

Delivering innovative recycling services and technologies for over 20 years.

Our model for onsite chemical recycling can be traced back more than twenty years, when we introduced our first line of chemical recycling equipment. Today’s products represent a rebirth—ushering in a new era of responsible and sustainable chemical waste management.

We challenged ourselves to address the three most critical obstacles facing the marketplace:

  1. Scalability. Traditional distillation technology was limited by the types and quality of chemicals that could be recovered.
  2. Cost. Customers often did not have the available capital to purchase the equipment. And when the funds were available, people didn’t want to go through the typical, lengthy approval process required for capital allocations.
  3. Usability. Companies that did purchase equipment soon learned that their units required frequent adjustments in order to optimize chemical quality and maximize throughput. Maintenance and supply requirements further complicated ownership, so inevitably the equipment was tucked away in a remote corner of the shop, never to be used again.

The CleanPlanet Difference

Our new technology takes distillation to a whole new level by combining traditional, temperature-based separation with advanced micro-processors. This innovative, advanced approach automatically senses the chemicals to be recovered. The system also automatically sets the recovery time, temperature and power levels, enabling a broader selection of chemicals to be recovered with unprecedented quality and quantity.

Equally impressive, is our innovative program that allows our customers to get the benefits of onsite chemical recycling without buying equipment. We have removed all the costs connected to the equipment by placing the appropriate unit onsite free of charge, and then taking care of all maintenance and supplies.

Our service comes with no contracts or long-term obligations because we know success will come from partnering with our customers and working collaboratively to cut costs, reduce waste and improve sustainability.

No Obligation. No Risk.

CleanPlanet provides a better and more efficient way to acquire chemicals and manage waste. We believe in a better way.

  • A better way to purchase chemicals.
  • A better way to manage waste.
  • A better way to preserve our natural resources.

Changing the term sustainability from a cliché to a way of life is the basis for who we are. Being smart and proactive with the resources we use is not simply done to save the world. It is done to increase efficiency, cut costs and reduce waste in the things we do each and every day. CleanPlanet provides one of the only no cost sustainability programs that makes real sense and it has proven to provide a real benefit, not only to the world in general, but your bottom line.