ClimateCare is an independent, ‘profit for purpose’ organisation committed to tackling global climate change, poverty and development issues. Our rigorously monitored climate and development projects create substantial emissions reductions, while quantifying and delivering poverty alleviation and public health outcomes, improving millions of lives worldwide. ClimateCare manages some of the world’s largest corporate carbon offsetting programmes. We also originate and source compliance and voluntary carbon credits on behalf of large corporates, NGOs and nation states. ClimateCare develops and consults on emission reduction projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and throughout the world’s least developed countries. Using carbon finance, we multiply positive impacts, delivering results at scale.

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112 Magdalen Road , Oxford , Oxfordshire OX4 1RQ United Kingdom
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Service provider
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Climate Change
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Internationally (various countries)

ClimateCare originates and sources carbon credits on behalf of large corporates, NGOs, and sovereigns. In addition, we manage voluntary offset schemes for organisations and sell offsets to individuals.

ClimateCare develops and consults on Emission Reduction projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and throughout the world for both compliance and voluntary carbon markets as well as the newer emergent Climate and Development finance funds. Our focus is on innovation and sustainable development. Every project we develop is designed to contribute towards fulfilling the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

We develop innovative financial models to catalyse investment in Climate and Social Development projects in LDCs – including and beyond existing carbon market frameworks.

We do this by:

  • Working with leading brands and corporations, to help them address their environmental impacts.
  • Working with project partners to help them upscale their work through carbon finance - so they can impact hundreds of thousands more lives.

So far we have funded more than 12,500,000 tonnes of co2e reductions across all our projects (more than 10,000,000 of these since 2008).

Our stoves programme has installed over 750,000 stoves in developing countries, easing pressure on deforestation, reducing indoor air pollution and improving the health and economic circumstances of 2,500,000 people – particularly women and children – helping to tackle pneumonia, which kills more people per year than malaria.

Our new clean water programme is providing 3,500,000 million people with free and sustainable access to clean water.

We have a unique story. We grew as an environmental start-up before becoming part of J.P. Morgan and the cornerstone of their Environmental Markets division. Here we further developed our rigorous application of project, country and market risk. We became an independent Profit for Purpose company in August 2011, following a management buyout.

By fusing the vision of a social enterprise and the professionalism of a large investment house, we apply business rigour to tackling climate change and poverty at scale.

ClimateCare is an independent ‘Profit for Purpose’ organisation. Coming from a resolutely commercial and environmental background, we understand that in order to tackle the issues of climate change, poverty and development, we cannot rely solely on aid or unsustainable business models. We have to mobilise the power and scale of capital markets, which provide a far greater capital opportunity than current public sector or philanthropic funding.

In order to achieve this, we need to make it as profitable to invest in tackling pressing social issues as it is to invest in regular commercial activity. We have also been called a ‘social enterprise’, however, we are absolutely clear that in order to divert mainstream capital funding to tackling pressing social issues, we must operate a robust, sustainable, profitable business – and there should be little or no trade-off between ‘impact’ and return.

“With a donation, money has one life. With a business it has many lives” - Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Laureate, Founder Grameen Bank.

That is why we have turned what is simply ‘CSR’ to some organisations into our core business. Our goals are:

  • Tackle climate change by delivering Emissions Reductions at scale.
  • Reduce poverty and improve health in the world’s poorest communities.
  • Achieve commercial level return on investment.