ClimateCHECK is an innovative, prescient company leveraging world class credentials and global networks to enable clients to become leaders in climate change and sustainability. In 2007 ClimateCHECK co-founded the non-profit Greenhouse Gas Management Institute (GHGMI) – the world’s leading GHG training provider with 1000s of members around the world. In 2010 ClimateCHECK launched Interactive Leader and Collaborase – an innovative online collaboration platform used by leading sustainability initiatives to transition to “Interactive Standards 2.0”. ClimateCHECK combines the Collaborase platform with our domain and collaboration expertise to design and implement global solution networks.

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Environmental Management
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As a company or investor, your value tomorrow depends on how you manage climate risk today. GHG management and investment strategies—such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste, switching to clean fuels and technologies, and increasing efficiency—are all important steps. But smart companies recognize an opportunity to go beyond that.

Climate solutions and the carbon markets go hand in hand. Enter ClimateCHECK. We engage organizations to make smart GHG management decisions that produce financial and environmental results - so you get a better return on investment.

ClimateCHECK helps companies achieve double dividend results on their GHG investments by capitalizing on carbon market opportunities, managing GHG inventories more efficiently, and investing in clean technologies with the right standards and strategies.

Where others see costly risk mitigation processes, we see business opportunities. Our team can help you do much more than document and manage your GHG emissions. Whether you’re invested in clean technologies, carbon neutral products, or offset projects, we can help you optimize your return on investment.

GHG management is about more than creating inventories and buying and selling credits. And, because our experience spans virtually every industry and sector, chances are we already understand yours.

Our services are customized to bring you business results, including:

  • Developing practical standards you can trust. Stringent verification is meaningless without the right standard. When you invest in a project or company that isn’t founded on best practices and standards, you also take on significant risk. We work with you to set the standard, developing the right methodology so your investments deliver a better return.
  • Implementing effective programs to manage GHG emissions. Many companies can help you create inventories of your GHG emissions. But your management systems may not deliver the expected returns. We establish GHG action plans to help you meet your targets. We also help you identify emissions credits you may not have known about. And we can train your team so they can efficiently manage your GHG program. You can expect more than just compliance from your GHG investment.
  • Optimizing emissions reduction projects. Many projects under-perform because of poorly designed protocols. Our expertise across industries, our knowledge of GHG standards, and our tools and verification enable us to optimize your project performance.

When you set the standard, you get a better return.

Values-driven GHG and Clean Technology Experts

Founded by climate change and clean technology experts, ClimateCHECK represents a new breed of a values-driven organization — practical, credible and innovative. Our experience, leadership, and collaborative approach enable us to deliver GHG management solutions you can trust.

Experience. We’ve Completed More Than 250 Projects Since 1998, Including:

  • Global, corporate GHG inventory verification
  • Clean technology investment and performance evaluations
  • CDM project validations
  • Carbon credit projects
  • Carbon-neutral product verifications
  • GHG program design and management for governments and major corporations

Leadership. We’ve Authored Leading Standards, Training Courses, And Ghg Programs.

  • We were the main author of ISO 14064-2 International Standard for GHG Project Accounting, which was adopted by the Voluntary Carbon Standard — the premier international system for carbon credits.
  • We co-founded and help manage the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute — the leading international program for professional greenhouse gas training
  • We co-founded LiveNeutral, one of the first climate change education and carbon offset organizations in North America.

Work with Experts and Set the Standard

To best serve our clients with top credibility, our experts are recognized for authoring the leading standards, as with ISO 14064 and training courses, as with the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute. ClimateCHECK helps organizations create value from their GHG investments and exceed expectations while setting the standard of excellence in profitable, credible, and effective climate action. Our GHG management services go beyond creating emissions inventories and buying and selling credits. We link GHG management with a business case and your business priorities –to make your products more climate-friendly and get the most of clean technologies. Result? You become more efficient and you get a better return on investment.

1. Set

Working with you, we determine the strategic issues and scope of GHG management activities and investments to meet your needs and objectives—from operations to products and clean technologies, to emission reduction projects for offset credits, to emission inventory management, and information management systems. Then, we assess these issues, risks, and opportunities to prioritize the activities and investments within a cost-and-time efficient action plan.

We review and develop protocols, plans, management systems, personnel capacity, procedures, data and information available and required to meet your needs and objectives. Do you have the right processes in place to support your claims and objectives? How will you engage and respond to stakeholders? How will you be able to maintain GHG management activities and increase returns?

2. Meet

We work with you to create action plans to incorporate GHG management within your business and operational systems. We perform assessments and analysis to identify and address gaps and opportunities. We can come on-site to provide workshops to help you understand the details and processes of GHG management. We can help you design, implement and manage your GHG management activities and investments. We can also help you prepare for verification.

3. Exceed

Our experts can coach you to lead your industry by setting the standard of best practice for others to follow. Our innovative team helps you and your stakeholders seize better return from your GHG investments — creating wealth worth having.

ClimateCHECK’s Contribution to the Growth of the GHG Market

The GHG Experts at ClimateCHECK have been major contributors to the development and application of GHG standards, protocols and programs used globally to establish best practices in the carbon markets and to achieve the double dividend of environmental and economic growth. Roll your cursor over each leaf on the tree to learn more about how ClimateCHECK has set the standard.

Below Are More Industry Standards The Climatecheck Team Has Helped Establish.

  • Main Author of ISO 14064-2 International Standard for GHG Emission Reduction Carbon Offset Credit Projects
  • Significant Contributors to WRI/WBCSD GHG Project Protocol
  • Main Author of the GHG Technology SMART Protocol
  • Main Author of the Project Performance Reporting System reporting methodology for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities
  • Coal Mine Methane Protocol (ISO 14064, CDM, WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol)
  • Landfill Gas Protocol (ISO 14064, CDM, WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol)
  • Energy Efficiency Protocol (ISO 14064, EVO/IPMVP, WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol)
  • ODS Destruction Protocol (ISO 14064, IPCC, US EPA)
  • Renewable Energy GHG Protocol (ISO 14064, WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol)
  • Biofuel GHG Protocol (ISO 14064, WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol)
  • Agriculture Manure Management Protocol (ISO 14064, CDM, WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol)
  • Agriculture Tillage Protocol