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  • Oil Condition Monitoring

  • CMT - Flexible Handheld Device for Easy IR Analysis

    CMT - Flexible Handheld Device for Easy IR Analysis

    With the newly developed CMT IR Analyser, based on attenuated total reflection, a new chapter of IR spectroscopy is opened in the middle infrared spectral range. Due to the no-moving-parts design, applications even in harsh environmental conditions are made possible. The small size and low power consumption clearly stands out from conventional IR spectrometers available on the market.

  • CMT - Multiparameter Kits

    CMT - Multiparameter Kits

    CMT provides portable test kits in different set ups to ensure the user always has the correct tool for the job at hand. Protected by aluminium cases, coming with all necessary acessories and test reagents our equipment can be used from the moment on it arrives.

  • Vibration Analysis

  • CMT - Vibration Meter

    CMT - Vibration Meter

    The Vibration Meter is a multi-function portable meter that bridges the gap between the basic Vibration Meter and advanced FFT data collector / analyser. It is a complete machine condition monitoring system that gives results without the use of a computer or laptop. It is designed for the technician, engineer and consultant who needs to analyse a rotating machine on-site without investing and carrying expensive instruments to site....

  • CMT - Model Plus - Vibration Meter

    CMT - Model Plus - Vibration Meter

    The Vibration Meter plus instrument is based on the well known Vibration Meter and allows you to perform all basic vibration diagnostics measurements such as bearing condition, lubrication assessment and identification of mechanical faults. Most measurement techniques are processed automatically.

  • Water Condition Monitoring

  • CMT - Potable Water Test Kit

    CMT - Potable Water Test Kit

    The CMT Marine Potable Water Test kits were introduced specifically to take care of the testing needs of the Marine industry and to offer a solution to the problems the industry faces with the introduction of the new legislations. The base kits testing parameters can be extended by adding various available options including a MLC 2006 Full Complicance Option. Coming with an extensive manual and logbook the kit will aid with the compliance of the...

  • Boiler Water Test

    Boiler Water Test

    A boiler water system supplies steam for various processes such as pumping, heating, cooling, cleaning and hot water for accommodation. Condensate is steam that has been returned to its liquid state. Steam, which is manufactured in the boiler, is used for various shipboard processes. Control of the condensate system is critical to the overall operation of the boiler. If the condensate system is not protected, corrosion will occur. Corrosion eats away...

  • Complete Monitoring Systems

  • CMT - PLC Based Central Unit

    CMT - PLC Based Central Unit

    The Siemens PLC based Central Unit is the heart of the CMT Monitoring System. It collects all information and controls the entire system. The gathered data is being pre-processed and then data packages and access are being provided to the CMT Control Panel. CMTs latest generation of monitoring systems comes with a rugged enclosure, high electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and a protection rating up to IP65. The Central Unit is highly vibration and...