C.M.O. POMPE s.n.c.

C.M.O. POMPE s.n.c.

C.M.O Pompe has been producing self-priming single screw progressive pumps from the start of the second half of the Sixties. Centred initially on the production of pumps for agriculture, C.M.O Pompe progressively increased its production during the discovery of new applications and began working in numerous other sectors, not just agriculture therefore, but also construction, wine making, conservation, confectionery, pharmaceutical, chemical, tannery, marble, boring and others. At the same time it widened the number of pumps in its catalogue, meeting the needs of its clients, and always proposing the most suitable solution for any type of operation.

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Via Valcisana, 2 , Orgiano (VI) , Veneto 36040 Italy

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Internationally (various countries)


During the Eighties the company widened its production by purchasing new equipment and numeric control machines, and opting for better logistics accessibility. This led the owners to move production to a new location, but still in the Orgiano industrial area. In the new establishment the company was able to face all the new market requests and also increased trade, so much so that after another ten years the production building was enlarged yet again, followed by restructuring of the original premises a few hundred metres away, which is still used today as a warehouse.

Currently, C.M.O Pompe works at a national and international level, and is always active both in the improvement and growth of new markets. C.M.O Pompe has always destined numerous resources for the development and application of new technologies, trying always to be a front runner and in step with the times. The production sector makes good use of the best technologies present on the market, and every day works in contact with our technical staff, that continually searches for new ways to improve and evolve single screw pumps.

To guarantee a better production quality standard, in 2003 the company obtained ISO 9001:9002 certification, while in 2008 it received ATEX certification, meaning that its pumps could be used in areas with a high risk of explosion, for example for pumping hydrocarbons. The quality and sturdiness of C.M.O pumps can be seen and felt during the numerous national and international sector exhibitions that the company takes part in with its sales staff, making it possible to come into direct and personal contact with clients.

  • When choosing the type of pump required, the abrasion grade of the fluid is of fundamental importance as the value is directly responsible for determining the durability of the pump.
  • When using abrasive fluids, the rotation speed of the rotors must be as low as possible.
  • Whether pumping abrasive products or products with a greater density than water, the values expressed in the table at the side can vary considerably. It is therefore wise in these cases to choose a pump with larger dimensions than those of the theoretical pump.
  • The values given in the table refer to tests performed with fluids with a similar density to water.
  • To guarantee correct function of the pump, it is recommended to ensure that there is no air in the suction pipe and that a constant supply of the material to be pumped is available. This prevents the pump from turning dry and avoids overheating which could damage the stator.

To choose the correct pump, the following points should be considered:

  • type of system installation in which the pump is to be inserted;
  • type of fluid to be pumped;
  • density, specific weight, abrasion grade and temperature of the fluid to be pumped;
  • tube diameter;
  • type of motor coupling.