Columbia Industries understands the value in building a brand that is reputable, trust worthy, and loyal to our customers.The worlds leading provider in oil field mobilization, walking systems and landfill tippers. Over the years, our foundation has been built on a reputation for excellence in everything that we do. Each opportunity allows us the ability to showcase important characteristics: safety, durability, reliability, value, and innovation. As we have served a number of industries over many years, we have grown to understand the value and trust that our customers have invested in us. We seek at every opportunity to design, fabricate, and install products with the most important characteristics: safety, durability, reliability, value, and innovation. Customer service and product support are top priorities. We have been in business long enough to truly know quality and that is what we strive for every step of the way.

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5775 NW Wagon Way , Hillsboro , OR 97124 USA

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Water and Wastewater - Oil Spills
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Moving Innovation Forward

For over 60 years Columbia Industries has continuously moved innovation forward with their custom designs and superior fabrication. We pride ourselves in our commitment to our customers, our products and our people. Columbia specializes in custom designs & manufacturing of Tippers for the Solid Waste, Recycling, Agriculture, Mining, and Paper By-products. Columbia is also known globally for their custom designs of Oil Drilling Rig Moving & Walking systems, Pipe Handlers, Camp Trailers, Axles, Suspensions and Wheel Systems for the Oil & Gas industry. As a company we pursue every opportunity to design, fabricate, and install products with the most important characteristics: safety, durability, reliability, and value. It is our top priority to provide solutions for our customers in every industry we serve. 


Our passion for our customers reflects in our innovative designs. For Columbia, there is no greater satisfaction than delivering a finished product that enables our clients to reach their final goals and objectives. It’s not just a project but a process; we take ownership of our customer’s projects to assure we fabricate only reliable products with remarkable quality. For over 60 years our activities have reflected a set of values earning us the respect from our customers and ahead of our competitors.

Our Mission & Promise to You

We are fully committed to continuous innovative, custom designs and superior manufacturing. We take pride in everything we design and fabricate assuring our customers our company is the one they can trust in to help them reach their operational goals. Our promise is to always provide expert advice and deliver products with the most important characteristics: safety, reliability, and ingenuity.

Guiding Principles

The Columbia team has a proud history of custom design & fabrication. We have established long-lasting relationships with other leading companies in a number of industries, operating in countries around the world. We pride ourselves on being a complete source for your custom design & fabrication needs. Finally, we recognize the need to continually analyze, critique, and better our designs as we find ways to make them safer, more efficient and more competitive.

As a family-owned and operated company with strong roots in the Pacific Northwest, we feel that we have an unspoken duty to our employees, our customers, and our community. We strive to provide a positive and safe work environment for all of Columbia's employees. They are our primary asset and as such, deserve to be treated fairly, to have a safe workplace, and to be rewarded for exemplary performance.

Columbia is also working with educators in our area to provide their graduates with work. For example, several of our staff engineers are Oregon State University graduates and many of our welder/fabricators are Portland Community College graduates. This provides us with a unique opportunity to further develop relationships with area schools. Columbia then has a chance to provide feedback to the schools as to the areas where their graduates have excelled and where they could use additional education or experience. We hope to continue to engage colleges and universities for our mutual benefit.

Five principles that guide our business

  • Our People: Our people are our greatest asset.
  • Continuous Improvement: Not just a formal program – a basic value.
  • Integrity: Honest and fair business practices with every customer.
  • Commitment to Quality & Service: To our customers, our employees, and to the industries we serve.
  • Innovation: We understand that our future depends on our capacity to embrace technology and utilize it to design revolutionary products.

The people of Columbia Industries have been designing and manufacturing transportation equipment for over 60 years. Since our inception, Columbia has been committed to innovation, quality and service. These values combined with our years of manufacturing experience have helped us grow to a position of leadership in the custom designed heavy equipment manufacturing industry. Some examples:

Columbia pioneered the use of low profile landfill tippers to unload solid waste transfer trailers.

Columbia specializes in the design and manufacture of custom off-road forestry, oil exploration, and aerospace transport equipment.

Columbia's materials handling equipment fulfills a wide range of transportation and resource recovery needs. To date, our wheel system capacities have ranged from 50,000 pounds to 2,500,000 pounds. (our rigs our scalable to meet the needs of our cutomers)

Columbia is the only Tig Moving System manufacturer with extensive island project experience. (6 islands, all on the North Slope of Alaska)

Our equipment is custom designed to suit a wide range of specific applications in various industries.

Columbia Industries - Moving Innovation Forward

Oil Field History

In 1977 Columbia began to manufacture custom transport and hydraulic equipment in Oregon. To its line of over-the-road style transports, Columbia added specialized mobilization of off-road forestry, oil exploration, and aerospace transport equipment, as well as material handling equipment for the solid waste transportation and recovery industries. Our equipment is custom designed to suit specific applications and our wheel system capacities range from 50,000 pounds to 2,500,000 pounds.

Our principals have been designing and manufacturing transportation equipment for over 50 years. Since our inception in 1974, Columbia has been committed to innovation, quality and service. These values, combined with our years of experience and manufacturing know-how, have helped us grow to a position of leadership. Columbia continues to expand its capabilities to meet the growing needs of our customers.

Solid Waste History

Our involvement in the Solid Waste industry dates back to 1969, when we designed and built the first landfill-based Tippers. Put into service in the city of San Francisco's landfills, they are still unloading trailers today after 40 years of continuous operation.

Through a process of continuous improvement in both the design and manufacturing process, Columbia has introduced many features now considered standard in Landfill Tipper design.

The hallmark of our tipper fleet is the patented Low Profile Landfill Tipper, one of the most efficient methods for unloading solid waste at the landfill. The portable yet stable platform can be designed to accommodate most trailers, eliminating the need to purchase and maintain costly self-unloading trailers. Columbia Landfill Tippers allow customers to haul more payload with each and every trip by reducing the trailer weight, increasing the load capacity, and unloading much faster than a self-unloading trailer. The results are significantly increased efficiency for more profit.