Com2 Recycling Solutions, LLC.

Com2 Recycling Solutions, LLC.

In 2002, Saheem Baloch founded COM2 as a small storefront electronics repair and refurbishment company in Lombard, IL. As business grew, so did the inventory of unsalvageable components and parts. It soon became apparent to Saheem and his partners that they would either have to entrust the scrap to someone else to recycle or develop the capacity to do it in house. Not only did they launch into full-scale electronics recycling, but by 2011 COM2 Recycling Solutions became the first e-recycler in Illinois to achieve certification to both responsible electronics recycling standards. In 2011 COM2 also opened a second operation in Mississauga, ON, just north of Toronto, to service its growing customer base.

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140 Fullerton Ave , Carol Stream , Illinois 60188 USA
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Service provider
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Globally (various continents)
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1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €


COM2 Recycling Solutions is a leading provider of comprehensive electronics recycling solutions. We partner with our customers and communities to reduce electronics waste from collection to disposal while recovering valuable resources.Operating one of the largest electronics and glass-to-clean glass processing centers in Illinois, we provide OEMs, corporate clients, municipal governments, recyclers and consumers with unparalleled electronics recycling services.

COM2 is Certified e-Steward and R2 , as well as ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, MBE, SBA (8)a certifications which are national and global industry standards. Our employees are committed to Environmental Protection by maintaining a 99% recovery rate.Our goal to maximize resource value, while minimizing impact extends to our auditing activities with our downstream recycling processors for environmental compliance. We have a No Export and No Landfill policy to ensure that we contribute to environmental protection world-wide.

Our state-of-the-art processing system renders all equipment we recycle totally inoperable and destroys all data. Our facilities are under constant security camera surveillance. Our data security services include bulk recycling and drive wiping.We use proprietary asset tracking software for inventory tracking of your serialized electronics to provide standard and customer reporting. These reports are used by our customers to manage end-of-life equipment accounting and serve as critical compliance and audit trail documents.

Accuracy in managing end-of-life electronics and Asset Recovery processing is of paramount importance to the COM2 team and our customers. When your electronics are received, our team records each item and verifies that the processing plan matches with your order.

After recording the unit to be processed in our tracking database, the reverse supply chain disposition is determined. Our experienced team members separate end-of-life components from Asset Recovery items for disassembly, shredding, glass processing and baling for shipment to our downstream partners.

Those items that are flagged for Data Destruction are routed to our data security team who uses our US Dept. of Defense approved and licensed media sanitation process. Each unit we receive is tracked by manufacturer and serial number. All corporate identification tags are removed to further protect your privacy.

COM2's Asset Recovery remarketing program is one of the most attractive program options in the industry. This profit-sharing agreement allows the for cost recovery for those systems that may have a remaining useful life. For more information on our profit sharing program, please contact us directly