Cometto S.p.A.

Cometto S.p.A.

Since 1954 Cometto S.p.A. has been producing trailers, semi trailers and self-propelled vehicles. Cometto has constantly pioneered the implementation of new technologies, researching and developing solutions to meet evermore sophisticated and specific requirements. We can point to our involvement in the space Shuttle program and in the French Ariane 5 rocket as evidence of our proud history. There is a constant transfer of know-how and technologies from the high-tech sector to our production series. The Technical Office of is one of the biggest and certainly among the most advanced in the field.

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Via Cuneo, 20 , Cuneo , Borgo San Dalmazzo 12011 Italy
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Globally (various continents)
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Today Cometto is the worldwide market leader in the design, construction and sales of vehicles such as trailers for heavy transport, heavy modular trailers, electronic modular self-propelled and special self-propelled for industrial applications. The main application fields are: heavy haulage, steel industry, oil & gas, shipbuilding, aerospace, construction companies, wind energy, offshore, etc...

Programmes have been developed to assist the customers with operational information such as the simulation and visualisation of the steering radius, the determination of the centre of gravity, the calculation of the load distribution on the axles and the vehicle stability .
Our engineering department is at your disposal to fulfil to your special need in heavy duty transport.

Today Cometto is part of Faymonville Group, since March 2017.

Headquartered in Luxembourg, Faymonville is the world’s leading manufacturer of semi-trailers for the special haulage industry.
Integrating Cometto in the Faymonville Group will be beneficial for both companies: Faymonville will combine its knowledge in production processes with Cometto’s existing know-how in the self-propelled modular segment.

This new entity has the best geographical coverage and is aimed to become the world leader in the industry.

The proven Faymonville quality management will not only interact in production but also in R&D, worldwide service and spare parts delivery to provide the best products and the highest service to its customers. The Faymonville Group including the Cometto brand can offer now transport equipment to its customers from 15 to 15,000 tons …. and above.

The origins of Industrie Cometto S.p.A. date back to 1954, when the first workshop for the production of vehicles, bridge-cranes and installations opened in Cuneo with the name of Officine Cometto, and was transformed in 1970 into Cometto S.p.A.

In 1962 the plant moved to its present location due to the growth in the trailer sector.

The production facilities were greatly expanded to meet increased demand over the years.

The production has diversified into various types of vehicles, ranging from road transport to abnormal transport to special transport.

Among the great achievements of Industrie Cometto S.p.A. worth a special mention the 'Orbiter Transporter' built for NASA in 1983, and the first and the biggest self-propelled modular system ever built (3.000 t.) manufactured for Nippon Express in 19811.2

In 1987 Industrie Cometto joined the Gruppo Bottero S.p.A..

With such a background Industrie Cometto S.p.A. could expect only success: for instance the entire European space project 'Ariane 5' of 1990 was moved by Cometto vehicles. In addition to this important achievement (logical consequence of the previous N.A.S.A. and LOCKEED contracts) many other significant results in different industrial fields have followed.

In the field of shipyards the biggest self-propelled vehicle ever built (for the transport of fabrications up to 1.000 t.) was designed by Industrie Cometto S.p.A. for Hyundai Heavy Industries, South Korea.

3In the field of heavy loads displacement Industrie Cometto S.p.A. has designed systems of modular vehicles for indivisible elements.4

The present trend, especially in the petrochemical and shipyard sectors, is to produce heavier and heavier complete components to be transported almost finished into the final assembly site.

In the field of steelwork industrie Cometto S.p.A. has designed self propelled vehicles for the transport of iron metallurgy products (hot lingots, coils, mouled metal elc).

The main features of this series is the high reliability for continuous work even in case of extreme environmental conditions.
In the field of glass plant Industrie Cometto S.p.A. has designed self-propelled vehicles called 'Glass Transporter', for the displacement of jumbo sheets from 6 to 32 Tons.

In 1992 Industrie Cometto S.p.A. participated in the constitution of CARICO S.p.A., manufacturer of heavy fabrications.
This Company supplies chassis to Industrie Cometto S.p.A., leaving Cometto to focus on the more specialised processes of assembly, finishing and testing.

Today Industrie Cometto S.p.A. is a leading company specialising in the study, design, production and sales of trailers and semitrailers for heavy transport.