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Compact & Bale Ltd

Compact & Bale Ltd

We provide bespoke total waste management solutions that include intelligent labour saving equipment, waste and recycling collections, data reporting and compliance. Backed up by a nationwide network of factory-trained engineers our innovative approach to waste and recycling will systemise our customers’ waste management operations, reduce costs and maximise recycling revenues. We are the UK distributor for top German manufacturer Strautmann’s full range of automated baling machinery and as agents for Ludden & Mennekes and Gillard we offer a range of static and portable waste compactors. Our free site waste review will identify how to improve your waste management and earn more for your recyclable materials using our nationwide service to purchase and collect cardboard, paper and plastics for recycling. Using many years of experience working with all UK industry sectors, we will change our customers’ view of waste, enabling them to treat it as a commodity to be conserved and valued.

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Unit 6 The Hop Kilns, Goblands Farm Business Centre, Court Lane, Hadlow , Tonbridge , Kent TN11 0LT United Kingdom
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Waste Management
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)
Year Founded:
1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

Established in July 2000 Compact & Bale Ltd is a market leader in the supply of best practice total waste and recycling services. Our customer industry sectors include hospitals, shopping centres, garden centres, government departments. Our customers include Aylesford Newsprint, Mack Multiples, Whiteleys Shopping Centre, Whitefriars, Weston Favell, Eurotunnel, Howletts Zoos, Hotel Chocolat, Billingsgate Market, Basildon Hospital, Southampton Hospital and Charing Cross Hospital to name but a few.

If you are looking to reduce your waste disposal costs, reduce your carbon footprint, improve your operational efficiency and sell your waste for profit we have the machines, the expertise, technical support and know-how to help you achieve these goals and more.

Strautmann was founded in 1930, its first baling presses were launched in 1993 and it is now represented in 32 countries across the world. Strautmann has become recognised for good quality German machines at a price you can afford but that will also last. A company that’s not afraid to change the norm, their waste processing machinery is constantly evolving and developing to revolutionise materials re-processing. Existing UK Strautmann customers include Ocado, GlaxoSmithkline and a well-known Swedish flat pack company.

Strautmann balers and briquetting presses can be set up directly on site where material is accruing and can be integrated into your existing operational processes. The internal logistics of your company is greatly improved and time gets saved. Thanks to the compaction of materials the volume is decreased, transport costs are reduced immensely and simultanaeously high revenues are yielded by the sales of briquettes and bales. Further, thanks to the lower number of transports, less CO2 is emitted so the environment becomes more protected.

Baling Presses

Strautmann balers will help you to establish order and cleanliness, optimise the internal logistics and reduce transport costs considerably. The AutoLoadBaler and BaleTainer are part of Strautmann's Automatic Intelligent Baler Range which help to reduce manpower hours, have smaller machine blueprints and due to the high bale densities trucks and containers can be loaded with optimum 24 tonne loads.

Briquetting Presses

Thanks to the enormous volume reduction achieved through the Briquetting Presses (approx. 97%) a very high share of transport costs can be saved, which also helps save the environment!

  • BrikPress (compacts high quantities of PET bottles, beverage cans or aluminium scrap to briquettes)
  • Styropress® (compacts EPS moulds - styrofoam into briquettes)

Drum Presses

The Drum Press FP 200 compacts light metal and rolling hoop drums into small, pressed units.

  • Drum Press FP 200


The LiquiDrainer® empties filled PET bottles, TetraPak® and beverage cans. Even entire packages can be emptied.

The Residual Bin and Container Presses exploit the volume of your bins or containers.

  • RC1100
  • MT240

'I would recommend Compact & Bale's free waste survey to other businesses as it certainly saved us money.'

Chessington Garden Centre

'We contacted Compact & Bale after they were recommended to us by another local business. They visited our site and made a full survey of our waste types and volumes. Their advice and knowledge has proved to be spot on and we are delighted with how they have helped us. As well as benefiting the environment, we now make considerable savings from filling only one skip instead of five each week and enjoy a regular income from the sale of our baled cardboard for recycling.'

W. Bailey Ltd

'We were recommended to Compact & Bale by another shopping centre and have been pleased with the equipment supplied. They have also offered us good service and any problems are taken care of quickly.'

Dockside Outlet Centre

'Now we can compact our waste we only make a deposit to the landfill site once every 2-3 weeks rather than every 3 days which at £90 per skip means we are saving a considerable amount of money each month and a substantial sum over the year. I would recommend anyone to book a free waste survey with Compact & Bale for their business as it has certainly saved us money. We have a really good relationship with them and even though we are miles away in Scotland they always deal with us quickly and efficiently!'

LM Porter

'The money we earn from recycling our packaging pays for us to recycle other items from our waste... Compact & Bale are competitive and the service has always been very good, whatever time of day you ring!'

Mack Multiples

'Over an eight day period we reduced our loads by 12 which is amazing, these kind of transport reductions means that the cost savings will have paid for the machine within two years.'

Newtownabbey Borough Council