Complete Filtration Solutions Ltd (CFS)

Complete Filtration Solutions Ltd (CFS)

Complete Filtration Solutions Ltd (CFS)

Complete Filtration Solutions Limited is a family owned company built on almost 30 years experience gained by our Managing Director at senior levels with major international and UK filter manufacturers. Our Managing Director, Derek Baker, has an unmatched experience in filtration starting in compressed air and gases and then covering employment at Domnick Hunter Process Filtration, Schumacher / PTI Technologies and then Vokes as Process Sales Manager and BTR Environmental Manager in charge of teams from DCE, Vokes Air Vokes Process etc. In the late 1990`s Derek worked as Marketing Manager for Seitz /Filterite which became part of the Pall Corporation followed by 4 years as Sales Manager for Microfiltrex / Porvair as Sales Manager for the Microfiltration division.

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Filtration House 2-3 Enterprise Industrial Esta, Enterprise Road , Horndean , HAMPSHIRE PO8 0BB United Kingdom
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Air Filtration
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Internationally (various countries)


Our experience includes the taking a training project at HMS Sultan through to supplying filtration to every warship in the British Navy to protect the crew against Cryptosporidium parvum infection.  We support major Food and Beverage companies, Pharmaceutical companies, Electronics companies, Hospitals and stores Managment companies as well as a wide range of water treatment and general chemical companies.  We would love to help your company also.

Our aim is to offer the best of all worlds.  We offer the highest level of expertise and knowledge, the support of the worlds largest manufacturers in filtration who we represent and we treat you as the most important person on earth and not just a number.  If you want something special or out of the ordinary and we can provide what you want we will, no red tape.

Here is some interesting information and news which may surprise you.  CFS is fully insured for sums up to £10,000,000 but most insurance companies will not cover the risks associated with the industries into which we deal.  Cover for the desired risks this does have a huge cost.  I would question how many of our competitors are actually covered? CFS is also a holder of a 'Office of Trading Standards' Licence and a member of the Federation of Small Businesses.  Our team believes in leaving nothing to chance, we want customers for the next 50 years not the next 5 minutes.

We believe in providing the optimum service and the optimum products at a reasonable and not excessive price.  Our team of people means our company is secure for the future particularly with the backing of our world leaders in filtration technology.  If you select CFS as your filtration partner rest assured that your investment is in the product and service delivered to you by CFS.  A trip to CFS will see large storage facilities, laboratory equipment essential for filtration excellence (not owned by many filter companies). We provide training facilities of the highest degree and hold stock dedicated to our loyal and important customers.  We don't believe in massive wage bills, and when you park outside CFS you will see practical transport of motorcycles and economically run diesel vehicles to go with our 'green philosophy'.  The vehicles that we run, you the customer pay for directly or indirectly so we keep that cost to a minimum which in turn keeps our product costs to a minimum.

Our service is available when you need it, that's 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, that's 8760 hours each year.  Compare that to most manufacturers who are open at best just 1887 hours a year (normal working hours). If you need help weekends, holidays or at night we can help.  When you buy from CFS you get a product and a very extensive service, you don't just buy a product and we aim to save you money.

On new systems we make our customers aware of not only the installation cost but the ongoing running costs.  Most filter companies offer a small system initially to keep the installation cost low but this can be sheer folly.  Did you know that if you double the effective surface area of filter media the life goes up by a factor of four.  A small system could cost 4 times as much to run! We make everything crystal clear and offer total honesty.  We can also offer leasing on capital spend if required.

CFS offers the best products we can offer, we offer a service on the highest level, we offer laboratory support using equipment of the highest caliber and beyond the level most manufacturers offer and we can train in all aspects of filtration.  Please see the Lab Support button on the web site.

CFS continues to grow and expand.  Now with our sister company UFS (Ultimate Filtration Solutions) we can not only supply well known high grade filtration and support them with state of the art laboratories but we can also now make our own range of filtration products.

CFS is now in our 10th year of operation with an expanding team of personnel.  We are proud that we have become the largest distributor in Europe for Graver Technologies and have some of the most respected and well known corporations and companies in our customer portfolio.  It is likely that every house in the UK has products that were filtered using filters which came from CFS.  CFS is able to supply all filtration applications making us probably the most cost effective supplier for industry.  For those customers who have joined us I would like to publicly thank them for their support and pledge ours to them for the future.