Equipos de Reciclado Biológico, SL (ERB) is born inside a group of technology based companies that started in 1931, with satisfied customers all over 5 continents. Through its COMTEM™ commercial brand, and with more than 40 years’ experience in manufacturing equipment, ERB offers Hazardous Health Care Waste treatment solutions through the STERIFLASH™ equipment COMTEM™ commercializes, distributes and provides equipment and technical assistance worldwide through his Official Concessionaire international network.

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C/ Ibi nº2, Pol. Ind. Algars , Cocentaina , Alicante 03820 Spain

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Waste and Recycling - Waste Management
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Globally (various continents)

COMTEM is born inside a group of technological companies that started in 1931, with a technological approach when addressing customer needs.

With more than 40 years’ experience in manufacturing equipment, the Engineering Department focuses on the continuous improvement of current models as well as developing new solutions to meet upcoming demands.

OUR MISSION is to provide, through technology, EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS to address the current ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGES of the world.

The STERIFLASH equipment, line of machines for hazardous health care waste on-site treatment, represents a breakthrough solution for the waste treatment market worldwide: its qualitative advantages (environmental, public and users safety, as well as risk reduction for public healthcare, among the most relevant ones), would represent by themselves a solid market argument for success, but on top of those, the quantitative advantages of the system (economic, due to a significant cost reduction of the overall process) enhances the strengths of the solution as a successful market proposal, for both emerging economies as well as developed countries.

On-site Hazardous Health Care Waste (HHCW) treatment by shredding and a saturated steam cycle presents significant qualitative (in terms of process simplification, volume reduction, safety and environmental risks minimization, etc.), as well as quantitative (economic savings, resources needed, disposal times, etc.), advantages for all types of biological and medical waste producers: hospital, clinics, laboratories, etc.

In the STERIFLASH™ systems, medical waste is shredded through a shredding cassette specifically designed for treating different types of medical waste. The shredded waste is decontaminated by a saturated steam process at high pressure. At the end of the process, the decontaminated solid waste can be collected and processed like ordinary, infectious-free municipal waste.
Evaporated gases flow through a HEPA microbiological filter while liquids are drained off via the waste water network.

The STERIFLASH™ process yields a decontaminated medical waste which is no longer reusable, and ready to be integrated into municipal waste circuit (disposable into landfill)