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Con-Serv Manufacturing has developed a product line that can treat a wide range of Water and Wastewater problems for most any industry. At Con-Serv we design the equipment individually for each project. Our Engineers will work with you to address all your issues and concerns. Are you worried about space, capital expenditures, operating constaints or costs? Is environmental impact, feed water source, or water quality creating issues for your business? At Con-Serv we have helped many industries and businesses get the most out of their water. From process water recovery to High purity water, Con-serv can design a solution to the most demanding water problems.

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605 West Brannen Road , Lakeland , FL 33813-2729 USA

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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)

Con-Serv Manufacturing has been located in Lakeland, Florida for over 30 years manufacturing leading edge Technology for Water Reclaim and Recovery. Originally concentrating on the Car Wash Industry, Con-Serv Manufacturing has pioneered durable, quality and cost effective equipment for the recovery of wash water. With 1000’s of installations Con-Serv Customers have recovered and Re-Used Millions of gallons of water.

As the years went by Con-Serv Manufacturing has introduced several new products to their line of equipment. Equipment such as ozone generators and biocide injection systems enhanced the quality of the water being reclaimed. Pump systems, spot free rinse systems, storage tanks and re-pressurization systems have been introduced making Con-Serv Manufacturing the Only manufacturer that can provide a Total Water Solution for any Car Wash Water.

Dwight Royal and Stan Royal, Principals of Con-Serv Manufacturing, have committed themselves to manufacture the best solutions to water problems in for any Industry. Con-Serv Manufacturing has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in developing products and services that out performs the competitors. In the water treatment industry often products are misleading as to their capabilities. Con-Serv Manufacturing does a full quality test on every system that leaves the manufacturing floor ensuring the product performs as advertised.

New Product Introductions such as membrane cleaning systems, low cost reverse osmosis systems, ultra-filtration equipment and an expanded parts line makes Con-Serv Manufacturing a one stop choice for all your water equipment needs. Our filtration line of water softeners, carbon and media filters can be configured in unlimited ways for any flow or installation circumstance.

  • Agriculture/Golf Courses
  • Car/Vehicle Wash
  • Cooling Towers
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Drinking Water
  • Bottling Facilities
  • Citrus Packaging
  • Dairy Farms
  • Boiler Feed
  • Food Processing

Con-Serv Manufacturing will strive to be the best provider in products and services for water treatment by treating customers in a fair and honest way. We will remind ourselves daily of our commitment to Quality and Design. Our legacy will be to the Environment and Saving the World’s Water.