Connelly-GPM, Inc.

Connelly-GPM, Inc.

Connelly-GPM, Inc.

Connelly-GPM, Inc. manufactures Zero-Valent Iron Aggregate used by our customers for groundwater remediation, building products, and a variety of other chemical and manufacturing needs. We also manufacture Iron Sponge media, the most effective and economical means for the removal of H2S and mercaptans from gases.

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3154 S. California Ave. , Chicago , Illinois 60608-5176 USA
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Since 1875 CONNELLY-GPM INC. has been creating quality products used to protect the environment and serve the energy and construction industries


CONNELLY was founded in 1875, known as the CONNELLY IRON SPONGE & GOVERNOR COMPANY. In 1946, when they divested themselves of the Governor business, the Company name was changed to CONNELLY, INC. The primary business of the Company was to manufacture IRON SPONGE for the removal of hydrogen sulfide from illuminating gas and other gases.

GAS PURIFYING MATERIALS COMPANY, INC., was founded in 1919 and until 1958 manufactured an IRON SPONGE material, known as GPM IRON HYDROXIDE.

In the 1930's, CONNELLY also began producing Metallic and Non-Metallic Building Products on a private-label basis for the heavy construction industry, and Chemical Iron for reduction purposes in chemical plants. GAS PURIFYING MATERIALS COMPANY did likewise starting in 1950.

In 1956, GAS PURIFYING MATERIALS COMPANY, INC., purchased CONNELLY, INC. and operated CONNELLY as a wholly-owned subsidiary, with the GAS PURIFYING MATERIALS plant located in Long Island City, New York, and the CONNELLY plants in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and Chicago, Illinois - all three plants producing and selling Building Products, Iron Sponge and Chemical Iron.

In 1970, the parent company - GAS PURIFYING MATERIALS COMPANY, INC., was merged into the subsidiary, CONNELLY, INC., and the name changed to CONNELLY-GPM, INC. The GAS PURIFYING MATERIALS plant in Long Island City was shut down.

In 1991 it was determined that our customers' needs could be more efficiently served by consolidating our operations in the more centrally located Chicago plant.

CONNELLY-GPM, INC. manufactures the following products: METALLIC and NON-METALLIC BUILDING PRODUCTS for the industrial construction industry on a private-label basis only: IRON SPONGE for the removal of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from gases; CHEMICAL IRON for reduction purposes for the chemical industry, and IRON AGGREGATE for groundwater remediation.

The CHEMICAL IRON products and IRON AGGREGATE for groundwater remediation are the result of many years of research and development by our own Technical Department in conjunction with many governmental and private enterprises. Current environmental concerns have opened new and exciting uses for our IRON AGGREGATE. We have the capabilities to custom-grind IRON AGGREGATE to any specification for both the Chemical Iron and environmental markets.

In our many years of producing iron products (for Chemical Iron, Building Products, Environmental, or other uses) we have often found it necessary to sit down with our customers and design specific products to meet their needs. It is this experience, both in iron production and in the co-operative process itself which enables us to efficiently and effectively meet the needs of our customers. This flexibility is of particular value in the rapidly growing area of ground water remediation, which is marked by frequently changing and improving techniques and where each site provides unique design and implementation challenges.

The success of CONNELLY-GPM, INC. is based on the original policies of the founders of GAS PURIFYING MATERIALS COMPANY, INC. - Oliver H. Smith and Bernard D. Klein, and their successors, to offer to the Gas, Chemical, Building and Environmental industries the best products for the dollar, and to develop a relationship with our customers and suppliers which is based on respect and confidence. The logical thinking and extensive research and business acumen of the management and the efforts of its employees in the fields of research, manufacturing, purchasing, and sales have been devoted to realizing those goals.

Basically, our policy has been to concentrate on good solid products and pursue practical specialties which involve repeat business. Our customers are very dependent on the quality of our products and services, as we play a very vital part in their operations.

Research and Development is currently working on new products for the Gas Industry, Building Products Industry, as well as working on new applications of its present products to the Petrochemical and Environmental industries.

In December 1986, Mr. B.L. Klein retired from the Company as President, after serving for fifty years. Upon Mr. B.L. Klein's retirement, Mr. Miles M. Klein became Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. In May 1994, Mr. Stephen M. Klein became President.

In 1997 Mr. Miles M. Klein, who had been with the Company since 1950, officially retired, and Mr. Stephen M. Klein succeeded his father to become the third generation to carry on Connelly-GPM's mission of fulfilling the needs of our customers in a broad range of industries. Mr. Stephen M. Klein has been with the Company in various management positions since 1971.

In June 2018, Stephen M. Klein passed away and was succeeded by his two daughters, Ms. Cindy Mann and Ms. Amy Krevit, who become the fourth generation (and as a newly established woman-owned company)  to carry on Connelly-GPM’s mission, fulfilling the needs of our customers in a broad range of industries.  

CONNELLY-GPM, INC.'s nucleus of well-trained, experienced people, with many years of accumulated knowledge and know-how, stands ready to direct that experience to help industries meet a variety of challenges in an ever-changing market.