Connexion is a full service provider of electrical and energy business solutions. Connexion Energy Solutions focuses on custom solutions through a turnkey approach. Our goal is to provide our clientele with high quality, lighting systems that will maximize energy savings while improving employee productivity. We specialize in complicated commercial and industrial lighting applications. Our affiliation with our parent company conneXion gives us access to top tier manufacturers, technology platforms, and high quality, experienced installers.

Company details

1700 Leider Lane, Suite 100 , Buffalo Grove , IL 60089 USA

Locations Served

Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Energy - Conventional Energy
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)
Year Founded:
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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We provide Midwest area businesses a full compliment of electrical and energy business solutions. From one of the most extensive inventories of leading electrical and lighting equipment brands in Northern Illinois to our complete, professional lighting and energy design services, your next solution is just a phone call away. We encourage you to explore our site for the resources you need to make educated decisions about your facility's energy use, ensuring jobsite safety or any of a number of issues you may be dealing with. Tell us what's keeping you up at night. Our team will connect you with the right solution!

What's in a Name?

The uniqueness of our name defines our path and market vision.
Just as our clients’ needs are not limited to electrical supplies or energy services, so do we strive to build connections to a wide array of services and solutions to meet our client’s toughest challenges. Our core expertise is electrical distribution and energy management solutions, but that’s just where our story begins.

Founded in 2007, and despite the numerous mispronunciations of our name, Connexion has grown to one of the preeminent energy services provider in the Midwest. Together with our full lighting design, engineering and project management services, we provide a wide array of electrical products, flexible logistical services and unmatched energy efficiency and clean energy business solutions.

What's in a name?
For us, it's a different way of building sustainable connections through people, needs, ideas and solutions. Learn more about us from our meet our team page and discover how we're building connections and investing in tomorrow's leaders through our community outreach program, Science Connexion.

Building Sustainable Solutions

Our greatest asset is our associates. Neither technology nor infrastructure can replace that which is born of committed and passionate people.

From our associates and their families to our customers and suppliers, we define our success by our ability to answer the needs of our community.

Within a workplace that encourages the question of ‘why not?’ innovation begins as a droplet of water whose ripple effects grow in size by the number of people it benefits.

Solutions represent the quality of our connections. They are the deliverables of our ideas, evolving harmoniously with the needs of our community.

Being remarkable to our clients
We are champions for our client’s business. We must walk in our client’s shoes and look out for their best interests. Our clients are the lifeblood of our business. By being remarkable to our clients, we then have the opportunity to be remarkable as a team and an organization

Supporting our team’s excellence and happiness
Our associates are our greatest and most important asset. Our success is dependent upon the collective energy and intelligence of all of our associates. We strive to create a work environment where motivated associates can flourish and succeed to their highest potential. We appreciate effort and reward results.

Delivering quality services and solutions
Doing it right the first time exemplifies the high standards we set for ourselves and our manufacturer partners. We define quality by our ability to deliver the appropriate technical solution or product in an accurate and consistent manner.

Caring about our environment and our communities
We respect our environment through our pledge to reduce, reuse and recycle existing resources. We strive to become better citizens and active participants in our local communities through the people we aid and the environment we help sustain.

Creating our future through profits and growth
We earn our profits every day through successfully servicing loyal clients. We recognize that profits are essential to creating capital for growth and job security. The growth and prosperity of our organization is proportionate to and sustained by our ongoing commitment to the education and personal development of our associates.

Accessible refers to the ease or difficulty of making a connection. This includes availability, friendliness, convenience and more. When a client has a need and reaches out to us, we have a responsibility to answer this need with accuracy and professionalism in the shortest time possible.

Creative is finding a responsible way to say ‘Yes.’ To achieve success in today’s evolving marketplace, all associates must be able to adapt, evolve, and be creative in the way we pursue opportunities, solve problems and fulfill commitments.

Being flexible is the quality of listening to our clients and identifying their needs. Our flexibility is then demonstrated by the way we deliver our services and solutions, and finding a mutual beneficial outcome.

Responsive is an attitude. It’s a mind set that determines whether we are thinking strategically and taking proactive measures to better ourselves and our client’s situations or merely reacting to the circumstances at hand.