Construction Techniques, Inc.

Construction Techniques, Inc.

In the mid-1960`s, Construction Techniques, Inc. developed and patented the original Fabriform Fabric Formed Concrete System for soil erosion control. Fifty years later, we continue to manufacture Fabriform to the highest standards of quality. Fabriform fabric formed concrete is superior to rip rap and concrete paving for several reasons: 1) greater hydraulic efficiency, 2) ability to mitigate uplift forces due to outflow and excess pore water pressure, 3) reduced hydraulic uplift by slowing channel velocities, and 4) reduced potential for underscour by conforming to soil contours.

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15887 Snow Road, Suite 100 , Cleveland , Ohio 4414 USA
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Construction & Construction Materials
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Nationally (across the country)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

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Fabriform fabric formed concrete is the result of pumping a highly fluid concrete mix into specially woven fabric 'envelopes.' This method of erosion control allows for fast, economical construction of revetments, landfill containment systems, holding ponds, bridge scour repair, bridge or dock piling reinforcement and countless other applications.

This innovative technique utilizes fabric woven of high tenacity nylon yarn into a variety of forms including mats, pile jackets and bags. At the work site, the custom-made forms are positioned and sewn together with hand-held sewing machines. They are then pumped with fine aggregate concrete and allowed to cure.

Advantages of the Fabriform erosion control system:
  • Eliminates the need for wooden forms and heavy equipment, saving time and money
  • Installs easily underwater or in-the-dry
  • Pre-assembled to exact dimensions
  • Minimum labor required
  • Greater hydraulic efficiency than rip rap and concrete paving
Economical, Versatile, and Effective
ABOVE: In 1967, rapidly rising water necessitated prompt erosion control measures at the Kinzua reservoir in western New York. The Fabriform process provided quick, effective protection to .58 miles of shoreline.

Fabric formed concrete eliminates the need for time-consuming wooden forms and expensive lifting equipment and/or cranes. Plus, fabric forms have the unique advantage of allowing the concrete to be pumped and cured below the water line — making site preparation much easier. Labor and material costs are reduced due to simpler installation and more efficient use of concrete. This efficiency makes fabric formed concrete budget-friendly by design.

In addition to economical advantages, Fabriform concrete is the smart choice for soil erosion control because of its high versatility, durability and effectiveness. Worldwide, there are millions of square feet of fabric formed concrete in place.

Trust the Industry Leader
As the inventor of Fabriform, Construction Techniques is the most experienced and trusted name in the industry. With over 150 years of combined experience in the sale, manufacture and service of Fabriform products, the staff of Construction Techniques is well-prepared to advise you on your next project. Allow us to put our experience to work for you!