Containment & Filtration Solutions

Containment & Filtration Solutions

Containment & Filtration Solutions offers custom solutions to your storm water pollution challenges. Our primary focus is on SWPP (storm water pollution prevention) by offering not just products but solutions that work with your facilities unique needs. Safety is important but so is your bottom line, providing solutions that aid in both is our primary mission!

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6101 Long Prairie Rd, 744, 150 , Flower Mound , Texas 75028 USA
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No longer will your facility be hostage to ReActive and dated ways of hazmat responses, with traditional sandbags, mats and spill kits. Containment & Filtration Solutions (CF-S™) is taking a new approach to collaborating with engineers, owners, contractors and governmental agencies to meet their SPCC/EPA storm water management needs by providing ProActive systems. We’re a team of experienced SPCC/storm water specialists developing new products and individual solutions to meet the requirements of SPCC/EPA storm water regulations. We are a business who understands that clean water is everyone’s business.

Containment & Filtration Solutions’ products will give your facility the peace of mind and constant ProActive protection. CF-S™ provides spill and environmental controls for both Private and Municipal sectors, helping deal with the ever-growing Local, State and EPA mandates for storm-water regulations. No longer will your facility be hostage to ReActive and dated ways of a hazmat response that reacted too late and with traditional sandbags, mats, etc. Clean up costs for the contaminated storm drain systems can be very expensive.

  • Easy Installation
  • Engineer Approved 2nd Containment Method
  • 100% Protection 24/7/365
  • Quick Secure Seal of the Storm Drain Against Unwanted Discharge
  • Simple Valve-Key Tool Without Removal of Inlet Grating
  • Filters Pollutants, Sediment, Trash from Water Run-Off
  • Shortens Containment Response Time
  • Eliminates Need of Manpower for Clean-Up and Disposal of Hazardous Material
  • Cuts Your Cost of Supply and Storage of Discharge Equipment and Personnel
  • Reduces Your Risk of Fines, Liability and Damage Done By Your Facility

Drain Guardian™ Platform

The CF-S’s Drain Guardian™ is a platform that offers many options.   This platform can give the user the ability to filter, stop, or reclaim any losses before it can enter into the storm water system.   This platform is a low impact design (LID) that is mechanical in nature therefore working year round unlike most biological systems that become less efficient during colder seasons. It conveniently gives users the ability to control, filter and,or stop the flow of loses from entering into the existing stormwater system.  By utilizing the watershed and topography of facilities hard surface areas, The Drain Guardian platform can free up operations that have been historically held captive to unique areas due to regulatory requirements.

Constructed of made of 14-gauge stainless steel, the Drain Guardian design is rugged and built to withstand the elements.  The Drain Guardian platform components are computer cut to ensure the finest precision and assembly.

Polishes rain water captured  within containment enclosures

The CF-S’s Berm Box™ primary application is for polishing stormwater captured within existing secondary containment lagoons.  Designed to be installed on the point of discharge of an existing secondary containment wall or berm, the Berm Box gives the user the ability to control, filter or stop the flow at the point of discharge.

Constructed of 14-gauge stainless steel, the components are designed to handle the toughest of conditions. It is designed to fit 2” or 1½” fittings. The easily removable lid makes changing filter bags and servicing quick and easy. The filtration media can be customized to target specific pollutants if required.