Contemporary Software, Inc.

Contemporary Software, Inc.

EnviroWare from Contemporary Software was developed for the hazardous waste industry by people in the hazardous waste industry. Contemporary Software was founded by personnel from Westinghouse’s Waste Management Division in 1994. As a result, we understand the process of hazardous waste management from cradle to grave. EnviroWare’s software architects have dozens of years of experience in waste management. We have worked with major providers of hazardous waste services to provide a customized solution for managing customer accounts and hazardous waste shipments, disposal, processing and transportation. EnviroWare reflects this and is the most feature-rich enterprise wide hazardous waste management solution in the world.

Company details

2000 Corporate Drive, Suite 555 , Wexford , PA 15090 USA
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Business Type:
Software vendor
Industry Type:
Waste Management
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

To develop and support the EnviroWare product, Contemporary Software has assembled a multidisciplinary team of talented professionals. Contemporary Software’s staff include computer software professionals with expertise in developing and maintaining database management systems, environmental experts, and information management specialists.

Contemporary Software and its sister company, Contemporary Technologies, provide a turn-key approach to software implementation, integration and support. This allows our clients to focus on their core business and not worry about supporting systems. CTi provides flexible and customized services that help you fit the application to your operations and not the other way around.


Improve Efficiency
Get more done with less resources by streamlining key processes and operations.

Comply with Regulations
Maintain compliance with internal policies and local, state, and federal regulations

Increase Profitability
Maximize profitability by improving productivity and reducing regulatory risks.


Our new online reporting dashboard allows EnviroWare customers to share data and reports with their customers. This includes charts and dashboards, profile data, shipment data, and reports.

Customizable graphs displaying profile and/or shipment data for your customer’s data.

Profile Data
Web page to search and view list of profiles.

Shipment Data
Web page to search and view list of shipments.

Web page to run customizable reports.

Increase Sales

EnviroWare helps you increase sales by:

  • Improving sales process
  • Improving pricing
  • Improving customer service
  • Improving reporting

Reduce Cost
EnviroWare helps you reduce costs by:

  • Improving waste logistics
  • Improving regulatory compliance
  • Improving financial control
  • Improving waste processing
  • Improving vendor management

Improve Operations

Imagine if you could:

  • Capture more revenue
  • Increase sales margins
  • Provide better customer service
  • Create and share reports in real time
  • Streamline business processes
  • Centralize enterprise waste data

EnviroWare provides an enterprise-wide management solution designed specifically for companies treating, storing and disposing of special case materials, such as hazardous waste. EnviroWare helps these companies streamline their operations by automating many of the repetitive tasks necessary to process waste. EnviroWare also vastly improves customer service by centralizing all of the information your client’s need to know. This makes your Customer Service Reps able to understand instantly how they can best serve your clients and at what price. Waste operations managers benefit since their teams can get more done, more quickly. Sales groups can instantly find ways to say yes to clients by understand capacity from single or multi-facility TSDFs.

With over one hundred pre-built reports, EnviroWare helps companies quickly get the data they need to be more efficient. These reports provide “cradle to grave” tracking for waste and help companies stay compliant with federal and state regulations. Auditing projects, that used to take weeks or months, can now be handled in minutes. Centralized information makes it much easier to improve compliance and EnviroWare can automatically be set to warn you if mistakes are made. This allows your company to be proactive in waste handling and avoid the likelihood of costly EPA and state fines.

Key Features

  • Enterprise-wide waste profiles
  • Linked sales orders and pricing
  • Waste shipment scheduling
  • Automated invoicing
  • Waste receiving
  • Automated waste process flow
  • EPA reporting
  • Web-enabled access to data
  • Hazardous waste manifests
  • Laboratory results data
  • Storage time tracking
  • Waste accumulation tracking
  • Waste repack tracking
  • Waste transfer & shipping tracking
  • Waste conformance determinations
  • Integrated barcode tracking
  • Brokering management
  • Customized reporting tool