Continental Disc Corporation - Groth Corporation

Continental Disc Corporation - Groth Corporation

Continental Disc Corporation is a leading manufacturer of rupture disc devices for a variety of process industries, including chemical, petrochemical, petroleum refining, pharmaceutical, beverage, food and dairy, aerospace, gases, electronics, and other markets worldwide.

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3160 W. Heartland Drive , Liberty , Missouri 64068-3385 USA
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Continental Disc Corporation was incorporated in 1965. At the time of its incorporation, Continental Disc Corporation was comprised of only a handful of people, many of whom had several job responsibilities within the organization.

We moved to our present location in the Spring of 1994. The Liberty facility is the worldwide, corporate headquarters of Continental Disc Corporation. In addition to being our primary manufacturing location, the corporate executive offices are located here along with the sales, engineering, accounting, quality assurance, office services, and human resource departments.

Much of our growth has been due to our development of innovative products to meet the needs of our customers. However, we have also grown through acquisitions and the expansion of our operations. In 1987, Continental Disc Corporation acquired the rupture disc product line of the Crosby Valve and Gauge Rupture Disc Division. This was followed by the purchase of the LAMOT® Corporation in 1990. Our first European office was opened in the Netherlands in 1983; followed by one in the United Kingdom in June of 1993. In May of 1998, Continental Disc Corporation purchased the assets of the Rupture Disc Division of Anderson, Greenwood & Co. Continental Disc Corporation has continued this trend by acquiring Groth® Corporation of Houston, Texas in September of 1999. These acquisitions and expansions reinforce our strategic plan of expanding our presence in key markets and maintaining our leadership position in the rupture disc industry.

Our original team of only twelve people in 1965 has increased to over three hundred team members throughout the world. We are now located in a facility ten times larger than our original manufacturing site. Our product line has expanded from two basic rupture disc designs to more than thirty rupture disc products. We have also added a line of hose valves, and the tank vent, flame arrester, pilot-operated valve and gas blanket regulator lines from Groth Corporation. In the early days, our customers were primarily found in three or four processing industries. Today, Continental Disc Corporation proudly serves close to forty industries.

As you can see, we have grown considerably since 1965. It is our goal to continue that growth and innovation. We hope that you will share this goal with us and join us as we look to the future. 

Flexibility of Abilities

From very tiny to very large, from extreme compression to barely a breath, Continental Disc Corporation has been manufacturing rupture discs to operate in every application you can imagine. The list below shows just a few of the places where Continental rupture discs are doing the job. If you don't see your application listed, just contact us and let us show you how we have handled pressure problems just like yours.

Widely used in:

Rupture discs protect the tanks, transmission lines, compressors, evaporators, transportation containers, pipes, tubes, coils, and instrumentation in all types of gas and liquid handling systems, all while minimizing product loss and keeping your costs low.

Rupture discs are ideal for protection of chemical processing systems. Continental Disc Corporation's reverse acting rupture discs provide high operating ratios to allow chemical processing systems to operate near the designed pressure capacity. Continental Disc Corporation's composite and standard rupture discs provide cost-effective pressure protection in a wide range of burst pressures.

The hydrocarbon industries require cost-effective system protection with a special focus on reducing fugitive emissions. The sealing capabilities of rupture discs provide leak-free service in all conditions.

Sanitary Fitting Assemblies and SANITRX® Rupture Discs are specifically suited for a wide range of process applications where product purity is required. The CAL-VAC® and POS-A-SET® rupture discs are highly accurate relief devices for ultra low pressure situations.

Liquid processing and storage applications with low compressibility provide special challenges for pressure relief devices. The ULTRX® Reverse Acting Rupture Disc excels in liquid service applications. Each customer order of ULTRX® Rupture Discs is tested under liquid conditions to ensure proper operation.

Continental Disc Corporation vent panels provide reliable pressure relief protection in large scale applications like silos and atmospheric tanks. Designs are available in flat panels or pre-formed panels, as well as with Teflon® coating or Continental Disc Corporation's B.D.I.® (Burst Disc Indicator) Alarm System.

The ICON™ Rupture Disc is designed specifically to protect IMO tank containers from excess pressure from overfilling, environmental heating, internal reaction, or accident.

The SANITRX® line of rupture discs was specifically designed to provide protection under the stringent requirements of pharmaceutical processing. Each product fits in standard sanitary piping or sanitary holders designed for the purpose. F.D.A.-grade sanitary gaskets in a variety of materials meet customer requirements for sealing. The M.B.C.™ Multi-Bolt Clamp and SANI-TORQ™ Clamping Devices make sanitary clamping secure and easy.

Dust collection can be a critical safety function in powder/bulk processing and storage applications. Continental's rupture discs and vent panels protect dust collection systems from collapse or rupture due to clogs or malfunctioning blast gates.

For over four decades, Continental Disc has been solving the specialized pressure protection and pressure activation needs of the airplane, aerospace, and defense industries. Continental Disc Corporation's product development group and special products group have produced hundreds of unique products to meet exceptional pressure, size, weight, material, or venting requirements, in some of the most extreme conditions on or above the Earth.