Continental Technologies Inc. (CTI)

Continental Technologies Inc. (CTI)

Continental Technologies, Inc. has created a trifecta of water well products known as Redi Clean. These products can be used in agricultural, industrial, municipal and residential wells to not only regain loss of volume, but to lengthen the life of the well by drastically reducing or eliminating iron bacteria buildup, corrosion and mineral scaling. These three products do not just treat the symptoms of your problem, they attack it at the source. Redi Clean offers a variety of services such as, chemicals, personalized treating instructions, on-site consultation, and provided contractors to complete the job if needed. Learn more about Redi Clean’s products and services by downloading our flyer.

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PO Box 128, 214 Main Street , Little River , Kansas 67457 USA
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Water Treatment
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Nationally (across the country)


Our staff is well trained in the diagnosis and remediation of water wells. Our mission at Redi Clean is to develop the best remediation technology and maintenance treatment for your individual situation while finding the most economical way possible to attain the goal.

We will handle your remediation from not only it's inception, but to the maintenance required after the disinfection process. We will provide sub contractors, or we will gladly work with any existing well personnel to train them on the proper remediation and record keeping techniques to help you achieve the best results possible.

Tying together trouble shooting techniques with a proper remediation and maintenance program will keep your wells producing at peak efficiencies for years to come.

Water Well Rehabilitation is a process that is becoming evermore popular.  Instead of spending so much on drilling a new well, why not rehabilitate the one you have?   It can be done on municipal, agricultural, residential and industrial wells.

Often times wells have bacteriological buildups that could easily be fixed through the process of rehabilitation.  The most common types of bacterial buildups include iron bacteria, heterotrophic bacteria, and Coliform bacteria.  The most serious of these is iron bacteria.

Through a process using chemicals, bailing, brushing and air lifting the bacterial buildups can often be greatly reduced if not removed.  After the remediation process is finished it is important to do regular maintenance on the well to keep it at peak performance.