Core Tech Software Limited

Core Tech Software Limited

Core Tech Software Limited

CORE Tech is the leading agritech software solution for the dairy, grain and enterprise hardware retail sectors. For more than 30 years, our ongoing commitment to R&D and continuous innovation has enabled us to deliver niche, industry specific solutions that are unmatched by our competitors. CORE Tech is the niche, software solution of choice for the dairy, grain and enterprise hardware retail sectors. Part of global agritech software powerhouse Cultura where investment in R&D and our people are key to our success, CORE Tech has the capabilities and experience to innovate your business, empowering you to meet challenges such as Brexit head-on and transition seamlessly and effectively. CORE Tech joined Cultura family, a global leader in agritech software solutions.

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Oisin House, George Street , Mitchelstown , Co. Cork Ireland
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Software vendor
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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CORE Tech:

  • is the largest supplier to agribusiness sector in Ireland
  • supports more than 35% of feed compounders
  • manages over 55% of grain intakes and payments
  • is used by 70%  of ROI milk processors and 48% of the NI milk pool.

Our easy-to-use, niche software solutions are fully tailored to your business needs using the highly flexible and trusted Oracle platform for optimum reliability, flexibility and security.

CORE Tech gives your business the agility, responsiveness and connectivity it needs to thrive and grow.
In 2015, CORE Tech joined Cultura family, a global leader in agritech software solutions. Now, with a pioneering, energetic and wholly customer-oriented culture, and backed by the international connectivity and expertise of Cultura, we are driven by an ambitious growth and acquisition strategy to deliver premier agritech solutions throughout Ireland and the UK.

To provide agri- tech software that is innovative, cost effective and empowers our customers to improve margins and maximise resource planning.

We will achieve this by:

  1. Collaborating with customers, technology partners and the global expertise within Cultura Technologies our parent company
  2. Continuous investment in our talent pool, our people hold the key to our success
  3. Increasing our capability and market share through strategic acquisition

Our 6- Point Customer Promise: We will at all times provide:

  1. A collaborative and partnership based approach to all software investment requirements
  2. A best in class customer experience
  3. A flexible pricing matrix to allow for growth planning
  4. A customisable product suite to match your business strategy and budget
  5. Access to global expertise, methodology & cutting edge beta and test programmes across a range of new products and solutions
  6. Best practice advice and guidance on all software investment, to enable ROI measurement

Over 30 Years Extensive Industry Specific Experience and R&D

We have learned a thing or two over the last 30 years! As the leader within the agribusiness community developing our top-ranked solutions, our sector too. In an industry driven by change we are commitment to continuous investment in our people, our technology and our capability. Our solutions are designed to solve the specific problems of our sector. We do not do vanilla because we know it does not work here! We are niche, we are proactive and we are industry leaders.

Collectively, our team have over a century’s worth of experience within CORE Tech. This does not mean we are old it means we are wise! As a team, we offer a brand of hands-on expertise and partnership unmatched in our industry.

We ONLY offer Industry Specific Solutions
Unlike our so called competitors, CORE Tech only designs, developes, implements and supports products that are specifically created for agribusiness, hardware retailing, feed milling and milk processing. Leveraging our experience in these areas, we build our software in partnership with both business and end-users. Our products provide standard application programming interfaces (APIs) to allow third-party products to interface with our systems. Some of these include truck GPRS metering, laboratory testing, weighbridge, feed mill processing, traceability and haulage planning.

We offer a high level of flexibility with applications for both mobile and tablets. We continuously combine our industry specific functionality, integration approach, mobile solutions and cutting edge R&D to ensure our customers are always leaders in their field.

Customers as Partners
At CORE Tech we value our clients as our partners. Our key focus is on providing margin improvement to organisations who have outgrown standard accounting and retail systems. We provide solutions for both single and multi-location operations and have successfully delivered to large industry leading companies and owner/managed businesses.

We understand that changing your software is a long-term investment, so we provide ongoing support long after you have purchased our solution. Our services team, located in our head office in Cork, includes a dedicated support desk, a dedicated customer experience team and senior software consultants. We also provide individual account managers to each customer to assist with all of your individual requirements. Finally we provide an SLA (Service Level Agreement) for each customer which helps keep us all honest!

Our Technology Platform Offers a Long-Term & Complete Solutions
We have built our business on product excellence. Our products are built with expansion in mind, which means regardless of business size and complexity, our solutions will grow with you.

We are an Oracle Gold Partner, this relationship ensures CORE Tech has access to Oracle’s future technical strategy, ensuring our products are in-line with the latest database and technological developments. It also ensures that the CORE Tech platform is robust, secure, flexible and future proof.

  • We solve problems in our niche areas of expertise the Dairy, Grain and Retail Sectors
  • We have built our solutions on 30 years of R&D and customer collaboration
  • We partner with our customers to solve problems, create efficiencies and enable customers to grow
  • We are market leaders.
  • Our solutions innovate, cultivate & drive growth
  • We are part of a multinational software powerhouse.
  • Locals leaders supported by global transformers.
  • We are a full service software company our customer journey includes consulting, business analysis, design, build, implementation & support