Costruzioni Nazzareno Srl

Costruzioni Nazzareno Srl

Costruzioni Nazzareno Srl

Costruzioni Nazzareno is a renowned worldwide leader in the construction of systems to transform biomass into fuel. The company is also one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of complete wood pellet production systems. The future has already arrived at Costruzioni Nazzareno, with men and technology working together to produce new high-tech solutions. These innovations open up new markets and the company is investing in them to ensure it will always be ready and able to meet the growing needs of its customers. From the very start, the company was attentive to the growing needs to recover energy, coming up with solutions for the continuously evolving market. Over the years it specialized in the design and construction of complete systems in the renewable energy sector, focusing in particular on the transformation of biomass into fuel and energy.

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Via delle Industrie, 17 , Breda di Piave (TV) , 31030 Italy
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Costruzioni Nazzareno was established in 1988 when Nazzareno Carlesso, after twenty years’ experience in producing suction/extraction, filtering and scrubbing systems, set up a company that specialized in making machines that recover and transform industrially produced waste.

It is where it is today thanks to more than 25 years of commitment and research into product quality through the design and engineering skills of its highly qualified specialized technicians, state-of-the-art components and cutting-edge products.

We live in a world greedy for energy which, however, has realized that it can no longer continue its irresponsible exploitation of non-renewable energy sources. Costruzioni Nazzareno is specialized in the recovery, transformation and optimization of energy from biomass, namely manufacturing waste, a valid alternative which provides us with a constant source of energy that is both low cost and has limited environmental impact.

As the challenge becomes more and more complex, so our commitment to finding new solutions to anticipate our customers’ needs grows.

Thanks to 25 years’ experience in the field, Costruzioni Nazzareno has the knowledge and expertise to deal with every aspect of the design phase, coming up with the best solutions for its customers and delivering highly functional products that meet their specific needs. All our machinery and accessories are built at our production facilities at our headquarters in Breda di Piave (Treviso, Italy) by highly qualified staff.

Every stage of production is monitored to ensure top quality results and greater flexibility. Our products are technologically advanced, we offer a wide range of automated systems and, thanks to our management software, we can also provide remote assistance upon request. Our aim is to provide our customers with an all-round service, which includes design, production, installation and after-sales service.