CQA Solutions Ltd

CQA Solutions Ltd

We are a Construction Quality Assurance firm. Top to bottom our organization is devoted to all aspects of Environmental CQA. It is not another “thing” we do, it is the only thing we do. We love CQA, it is our passion! Decades of CQA experience have given us the knowledge and drive to build a rock solid CQA Team and systematic approach for all projects. Quality and efficiency are not accidents, they are well planned and executed choices. Our systems are designed to deliver quality during every phase of a project’s life. We consider it our privilege to share our team and systems with you!

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723A Phillips Ave., Suite 201 , Toledo , Ohio 43612 USA
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We're CQA Solutions. We've been in this industry since 2003 and our principals have industry experience dating to 1990.

We’ve been accused of being picky, and quite frankly, we’re okay with that. We believe that there is no room for error or shoddy work in this business.

You see, there is CQA and then there is quality CQA.

Any time you hire a third-party firm to do your field work, you are assuming risk. Will they get the job done correctly and efficiently? Do they have the know-how?

Can I trust them?

Wouldn’t it be nice to hand off the job and consider it done? With CQA Solutions, you can. We’re certified and highly experienced. We stay on top of what’s going on in the industry, we embrace new technologies when they come along and we offer the most rigorous training we can find.


The last thing you need is confusing data, time consuming phone calls, and extra site visits to clean up a mess made by unqualified techs. Up goes your budget and up goes your stress level. Good grief!

Like the intricacy of a flower, it's the details that make the difference. We won’t settle for anything less than a job done right.

After all, it’s not just our reputation on the line — it’s also yours.

We get that.  And we won’t let you down.

A Good Start

As industry professionals we all understand that quality construction is highly valuable because poor quality will always cost more time, money and personal frustration than a job done right the first time. Rather than bore you with the statistic of the cost of poor quality, let’s focus on how to obtain outstanding quality combined with efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our CQA Management Services are designed to provide you with a systematic team approach. We have GRI Certified CQA Project Managers with vast field experience. Our managers focus solely on CQA projects and yet they are more cost effective than a typical engineer reviewing your CQA.

All projects start with a CQA Plan review by a project dedicated CQA Manager. This review insures that all parties agree and understand the project specifications and that there are no conflicts or gaps with in the plan. As a part of this service we ensure that a complete data collection and review process is prepared before the start of the projects.

Our Process

The start of construction can be pivotal to a project so our managers are available to be on - site for your project start - up as needed. Our managers review all field documentation on a daily basis, to ensure accurate and complete documentation. Daily review also provides an updated punch list for field staff.

Our review process helps to ensure that all data is collected and validated during the construction process -- thereby putting an end to missing destructs, seaming records, air test and forms that were eaten by someone’s dog.

Communication between CQA Managers, Field Technicians and your engineering firm provides for stability and consistency.

In - depth trouble shooting is available on and off – site. We also employ our network of CQA Professionals to help in unusual or difficult situations. Our managers are available for sites on a scheduled or as - needed basis.

We also offer many additional services such as reviewing lab results, preparing and/or reviewing daily field reports and building photo logs.

Why CQA Solutions?

We are sincere when we say that we are passionate about great CQA. That means CQA needs to have integrity, quality and efficiency while being repeatable and cost effective. Our entire job is to make sure your job is successful.

Our motto is:

“To do the rights things, the right way and do them on time!”


Who we are

Top to Bottom our organization is devoted to all aspects of Environmental CQA. CQA is not for the faint of heart with it’s demanding work environment, never ending stream of details to document, and down right crazy schedules. While most sane people would look for a much easier task, we run towards it and we LOVE it! 

Our focus and drive has led us to build systems and programs that can enrich our industry and we would love to share them with you!

(Okay so we are a little CQA crazy, but hey, we care!)


Bid More, Win More…training

The demand for certified CQA professionals is on the rise – don’t be left behind! Give your staff the credentials that will make a difference and increase your potential to bid and win projects.  Students will be certified through GCI-ICP upon passing the certification exam.

Success By Design!

Knowing your strengths and weakness can make all the differences.  Our courses come with a Profession Evaluation Exam. This pre-course test provides the student and organization with an understanding of the individual's auditingcurrent knowledge base, allowing the student to focus on desired areas of improvement.

IAGI Training Now Available for Installers

CQAS fully supports the steps IAGI has taken to quantify installation technician experience and quality. CQAS has several individuals certified to proctor the CWT (Certified Welding Technician) exam.