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Crain’s uncompromising journalists, industry experts and business insiders share one vision: to produce stories, communities and platforms that empower our audiences’ success. We empower success. The stories we tell and the products we develop matter to our audiences. We help them be successful in their field. Internally, the work we do and how we do it impacts everyone else we work with. We empower one another’s success as much as our own. Over the last 100 years, four generations of the Crain family have built an outstanding media company featuring 21 brands which stand today among the most influential media properties in the verticals they serve.

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1155 Gratiot Ave , Detroit , OH 48207-2732 USA
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Publishing company
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Publishing / Media / Marketing
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Nationally (across the country)

Crain Communications was founded in 1916 in Louisville, Kentucky by GD Crain, Jr. It began with a staff of three people and two publications...first publishing Class (subsequently renamed and published by the company today as BtoB) and Hospital Management (a magazine for hospital administrators, which was sold during the 1950s).

The company has grown substantially from its modest beginnings...

Family-orientation rooted within its corporate culture, Crain Communications is a strong company with over 1,000 employees and 18 offices around the world--its reputation and position are solid, global and growing.

A remarkable record of long, stable management...

As a privately held company, Crain has greater flexibility to reinvest in the business, providing the resources to support its editorial integrity and principles and its growth in the future. The company has had only three chairmen and three presidents since its founding over 80 years ago. Keith Crain, chairman, with elder brother Rance Crain, president, lead the company in a strong legacy set forth first by their father, G.D. Crain, Jr., and later their mother, Gertrude R. Crain. Company founder, G.D. Crain, Jr. helped define the standards of excellence in business-to-business publishing. He served as the company's leader for nearly six decades until his death in 1973. His widow, Gertrude Crain, then followed as company chairman for the next 23 years, establishing new traditions for women in business management both within Crain and outside the company. Mr. and Mrs. Crain are each remembered as preeminent business leaders of their time and their legacy continues today in Crain's commitment to excellence, high journalistic standards and family-orientation as its foundation.

With a long-standing history of thoughtful consideration for its employees...

With an unwavering standard set back in 1943, Crain Communications has recognized the valuable contributions of employees at all levels through an employee profit-sharing plan. Additionally, the company was among some of the first to establish life and medical insurance plans for workers and installed a comprehensive pension plan in the late 1950s. Today these rich offerings continue, also including a year-end bonus plan for employees which has been maintained over many years.

The driving focus of the company is on a common goal, that is, to be the best—excellence as a company, top publications and services in their respective fields, and valued employees who are respected for what they do.

Where advertisers don't affect editorial principles...

Crain's editorial tenet--that published material must be of real importance to the reader and facts given accurately and fairly--distinguishes the company from its competitors. All Crain publications and electronic news sites operate under the same ethos: it is the responsibility of our editors, reporters and correspondents to ensure that editorial independence is guaranteed in all circumstances. G. D. Crain Jr., the founder of Crain Communications, laid this guiding principle down over 90 years ago, and it continues to stand the test of time.

Crain only publishes material if it passes these stringent tests--establishing the company with an unrivalled reputation for information-rich reporting. This, in turn has attracted readers who want independent and insightful analysis of their respective industries. It has helped build a readership unmatched in the industry including the most senior executives and decision-makers. And it gives advertisers a preeminent opportunity to reach these key decision-makers in their expanding global businesses. The company's guiding principles have proven to be both strong and influential.