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CRC Care is an independent organisation that performs research, develops technologies and provides policy guidance for assessing, cleaning up and preventing contamination of soil, water and air. Our innovative research is divided into four complementary programs: Best Practice Policy: More effective, efficient and certain national policy for assessing and remediating contamination. Better Measurement: More accurate, rapid, reliable and cost-effective measurement and assessment. Minimising Uncertainty in Risk Assessment: New technology, methods and knowledge for assessing risks to human health and the environment. Cleaning Up: Innovative clean-up technologies and a wider range of effective management options.

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ATC Building, Ring Road, University of Newcastle , Callaghan , NSW 2308 Australia
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Professional association
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Internationally (various countries)
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CRC CARE Pty Ltd was incorporated on 13 September 2005 to carry out the activities of the Cooperative Research Centre for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment. CRC CARE is a limited liability entity with 12 shareholders. Voting and dividend rights are determined by the value of contributions by shareholders in the company in the relevant financial year.

The registered office is at the University of Newcastle, Callaghan, New South Wales. CRC CARE Pty Ltd holds the Centre assets including intellectual property and equity in other companies as required.

CRC CARE Pty Ltd aims to generate an economic surplus from commercial activities and membership contributions and re-invest proceeds in the activities of the CRC. Surpluses may also be distributed to shareholders. Its operations will concentrate at nodes in the main capital cities providing national coverage. Each node will provide for:

  • Industry engagement and clustering of SMEs
  • Collaborative projects and exchange of personnel
  • Engagement with other research organisations
  • Engagement with Federal and State regulators
  • Discovery research
  • Access to a major contaminated site for field work, demonstration and interaction with local regulators
  • Delivery point for commercialisation and knowledge transfer
  • Local delivery of research education and other training activities

CRC CARE Pty Ltd operates under the Corporations Act and is governed by a Board with an independent Chairperson, is industry driven and has the strategic and operational characteristics of a commercial organisation. Day to day business is transacted through the Managing Director, under a contract overseen by the Board of CRC CARE Pty Ltd.