Critical Systems, Inc.

Since 1998, Critical Systems, Inc. (CSI) has been providing Gas Cabinet, Valve Manifold Boxes & Gas Abatement Systems (Gas Cabinets and Gas Scrubbers, etc.), and Orbital Welding Rental, Lease, Repair and Training Services related to process tool facilitation for Semiconductor, Biotech, Pharmaceutical and related industries. Company headquarters are in Boise, ID, with additional locations in Burnsville, MN, and Shrewsbury, PA, Austin, TX and Draper, UT. CSI has deep roots in integrated circuitry, and has built up an exceptional network of resources and capabilities. Specifically, our customers benefit from CSI’s expertise in (1) sourcing gas systems and components, (2) design consulting and customization, and (3) post installation integration support. Whether viewing it from an up-front cost perspective, or long term cost of ownership, CSI has built a track record of providing significant value for its customers.

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7000 W Victory Rd , Boise , Idaho 83709 USA

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Monitoring and Testing - Health and Safety Monitoring and Testing
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Regionally (various states or provinces)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Critical Systems features a proprietary process that takes well maintained, decommissioned facilities equipment, such as gas cabinets, and reconditions that equipment so that it easily passes stringent specifications for particles, moisture and oxygen, as well as code requirements.  We have placed over 1,000 reconditioned gas cabinet delivery systems, as well as point-of use-gas abatement systems, into facilities around the world. The gas systems equipment that we provide to our customers has an average ‘mean time before failure’ (MTBF) of over 42 years. The company’s introduction of “Extended Life” and “Upgrade Programs” for Installation Tools is unique in the industry. Read more about our Products and Services at Gas Cabinet Products and Services

One of the company distinctions is CSI’s ability to address unique customer challenges.  Given the nature of gas system reconditioning, we have built a depth of knowledge in stainless and Teflon fabrication, and even provide gas panel decontamination and repair.   At the component level, CSI represents one of the largest distributors of DISS gaskets used for the sealing UHP gas cylinder connections. They also provide stainless steel “Cleaned For Oxygen Service” or “CFOS” tubing. Through our vast inventory, understanding of the market, and fabrication expertise, CSI can confidently address any sourcing or fabrication challenges, matter how unique or complex.

Through Critical Systems’ orbital welding rental program and our own stainless steel fabrication work, the company has developed a wide range of orbital welding products and services, including orbital tube and pipe welder training, orbital equipment repair, and many orbital welding product innovations.  Examples of this are our Weld Head Upgrade Program, Mini Remote Pendant, New Cooling Unit, Redesigned Cables and Innovative Support of the AMI M217 Power Supply.  As with all of our people, CSI technicians in this area are true craftsmen, solving problems and coming up with customer solutions every day.

In addition to its in-house expertise, CSI has long standing partnerships with various R&D centers, engineering firms, and suppliers from all over the world to support virtually any project, regardless of size or complexity.   Each project or initiative is approached with acute attention to detail, engineering the solution with cost control, future expansion/capacity, and above all, safety in mind.

Passion for Innovation
Our customers are developing Nano and MEMS devices, solar, LED, and other semiconductor technologies. These organizations are creating solutions that are benefiting everyone – in healthcare, communications, alternative energies, and agriculture to name a few. Innovations of this nature will become even more important for future generations to effectively manage the limited natural resources that we have on this planet, especially in light of increasing world population and the growing demand for goods and services that accompany that population growth. We have the privilege of supporting these breakthrough technologies every day.

Environmental Stewardship & Craftsmanship
The ‘throw away’ mentality that many of us grew up with is changing. Our fundamental business model is built around the principle that well-engineered products can be reconditioned (“recycled”) to provide significant value for ongoing use. This type of mentality breeds resourcefulness, self-sufficiency and craftsmanship, which ultimately results in savings and value that can be passed along to our customers.

Uncompromised Consistent Quality
Delivering a quality product or service should never be viewed as a single transaction, but as a sustained relationship built on integrity, performance, and trust. CSI’s commitment to quality is backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, providing us the ability to earn and keep long term, mutually beneficial relationships. We assure our performance through world class operations, sourcing, logistics management and documented processes. Likewise, our business partners are leaders in their respective fields and share this view.

Exceptional and Unique Value
CSI personnel deliver this through attention to detail, customization and creativity, applying that focus to both small or large complex projects alike. Additionally, our large in-house inventory and supply networks enables us to turn around individual components as well as fully reconditioned or customized systems in a matter of days as opposed to weeks.

Ownership & Trust
The people of Critical Systems are true leaders in their area of the business. We not only understand what we do, but why we’re doing it. We have a long term and very positive outlook for both Critical Systems and for our customers. We appreciate the value of multiple perspectives and diverse expertise, and encourage the best ideas to surface from anywhere within the organization. These attributes give us the basis for being the creative and responsive company that our customers have come to expect.