Cruma – Diantech Solutions S.L

Cruma – Diantech Solutions S.L

Cruma – Diantech Solutions S.L

Cruma was founded in 1974 in Barcelona by Nico Canals and. since then, it has become a worldwide supplier of safety laboratory equipment: chemical filtration ductless fume hoods, laminar flow cabinets, chemical storage cupboards, weighing cabinets and biosafety cabinets among others. Our design, development, manufacture, sale and distribution of our products. Also, v/e manufacture our cabinets with the best quality materials served by suppliers of proximity, all of them European. Convinced of our quality and our rigorous follow-up processes. Cruma offers a 7-year guarantee on all products manufactured in our company. All of our products were designed to protect the laboratory personnel, their work and. what`s more, the environment. They are manufactured in accordance with the strictest International Standards and in line with the recommendations included in the Quality Management System EN ISO 9001:2015.

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Pol. Ind. Fonollar - Andorra, 19A , Sant Boi de Llobregat BCN , Barcelona 08830 Spain
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Laboratory Equipment
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Globally (various continents)
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As a family-owned company with Mediterranean roots, we have a very special business culture that is reflected in our daily way of doing business. We have a high degree of commitment and assume long-term responsibilities to serve our customers in the best possible way. Personal integrity, trust and loyalty are core values for us. To support our employees in their highly responsible work, we encourage them to train continuously.

More than 40 years' experience and the three main principles behind our creation: high-quality products, constant innovation and the flexible, per* our customers require.


Modern design. Continuous innovation.

Nothing remains, everything changes. This idea reflects the spirit of constant innovation in Cruma. Although all branches of the brand are governed by the same premise of innovation, it is in our design where innovation takes on special relevance. Cruma assume its leadership role and sets the trend to follow naturally designing models that are bench marks whose aesthetic lines and strokes have the ability to thrill. Pure beauty.

Enhanced security. Complete safety.
Thinking about your safety. Cruma innovates and equips its products v/ith rigorous filtration systems, alarms and notice systems, guides of good uses. etc. We can speak about security when a laboratory of recognized prestige strictly supervises and analyzes the performance and effectiveness of a product. In the case of our products, all controls made by the technicians of our internal laboratory have been later verified and approved by an independent and reputable laboratory.

Customized products. Total/ customization.
In Cruma have a wide range of standardized products. But we also know how to make you the best bespoke suit. Tell us how you want it. and we will design and Q fracture the product Chat best suits your needs: turnkey, total customization.

Top performance
In our desire to create the highest quality products that fully meet the needs of our customers and markets, we fulfill the requirements and recommendations of national and international standards regarding the design, manufacture, operation and maintenance of all our products, as well as those that deal with regulating and establishing the categories and characteristics of the filters equipped in our cabinets and cupboards. Moreover, our products meet the rules relating to mechanical and electrical safety set by the European Directives mentioned in the 'Declaration of CE Conformity'.