CryoGenesis (UK) Limited

CryoGenesis (UK) Limited

CryoGenesis (UK) was established in 1991 and registered as a limited company in 1994 in partnership with BOC Gases to provide UK industry with the most technologically advanced and cost effective Dry Ice Blasting equipment available. The potential for the new cleaning method was realized when a London based company who dealt in the renovation and resale of used printing press equipment adopted and installed one of the first Dry Ice Cleaning systems in their factory. This immediately gave them the edge over their competitors who were still using traditional solvent based methods. Significant savings were made at once in terms of downtime spent dismantling and cleaning. It was also found that the overall quality of the clean produced was superior to that of hand cleaning with solvents. The process was quickly adopted and has spread throughout by the printing industry in general.

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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Power Distribution
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:

CryoGenesis (UK) Ltd. continued to install systems into various UK industries including, foundries, rubber goods manufacturers, glass and plastic moulders, electronics, power generation, food producing companies, and disaster recovery operations. As our business grew, so did our company and in 1996 CryoGenesis (UK) Ltd. relocated from just a small office building to our dedicated Dry Ice cleaning centre in Littlehampton where we conduct our business from today. In 2005 we were awarded the ISO 9001 certificate for quality and service. In 2008 we were accredited with ISO 14001 for our environmental management. In March 2005 we opened a new office to serve our customers in the midlands and the north of England.

CryoGenesis UK Services to Industry:

  • Sales and hire of equipment from the leading manufacturers.
  • Professional CryoGenic cleaning services both in-house at our centre and on-site at customer's premises within the United Kingdom.
  • Customer support. We fully service and provide spare parts for Dry Ice cleaning systems supplied by us to our customers.
  • Ongoing research and development into new cleaning applications,innovations, experiments and projects.
  • Comprehensive dry ice blasting operator training programme.
  • Risk Assessment and Method Statement Documents to ISO 9001.
  • ISO 14001 : 2004 Certification.