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CSIRO Publishing

CSIRO Publishing operates as an editorially independent science publisher with a global reputation for quality products and services. CSIRO Publishing facilitates communication between scientists and the wider community to grow awareness of the role of science in addressing areas of national and international importance. The publishing services provided enhance the quality of research through managing rigorous peer review processes. The impact of our work improves decision making, contributes to the growth of STEM-enabled innovation and enriches lives through access to knowledge. CSIRO Publishing operates as an editorially independent science publisher within the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). Established as a stand-alone business unit in 1995, our internationally recognised publishing program covers a wide range of scientific disciplines, including agriculture, plant and animal sciences, chemistry, health and the environment.

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Unipark, Building 1 Level 1, 195 Wellington Road , Clayton , Victoria 3168 Australia
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Publishing company
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Globally (various continents)

Our product range includes journals, books and magazines both in digital and print formats and we have a global reputation for quality and excellence. Our journals are all peer-reviewed, and many have been publishing articles for over 50 years.

  • Books: browse book titles in our online store
  • Journals: browse journal titles from across a range of subjects
  • ECOS blog and archive: read environmental stories and search the 40-year archive  [external site]
  • Double Helix magazine: subscribe to CSIRO's science magazine for kids aged 8-14  [external site]
  • Double Helix Extra: sign up for free fortnightly emails containing science stories and activities  [external site]

We also offer a range of services that complement publishing and communication of science, including:

  • Workshops: develop your science writing and grant application skills

CSIRO Publishing is a business unit within Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, CSIRO under the following Charter.

CSIRO Publishing Charter

CSIRO Publishing will:

  • Carry a national-interest publishing obligation underwritten by agreements between Australian Academy of Science and CSIRO
  • Operate within CSIRO on a commercial basis with its viability dependent on the capacity to generate revenue and sufficient return on investment.
  • Be known for best practice governance procedures, transparent reporting and delivery on its objectives by:
    • Establishing and maintaining publication policies that enhance the reputation of Australian scholarship
    • Managing product development processes to protect the brand reputation of Australian science and CSIRO
    • Setting strategic objectives and operational plans with the advice of the Advisory Committee and delivering to the objectives established in these business plans
    • Being accountable to CSIRO through the Chair of the Advisory Committee
    • Providing regular reports on progress to all its stakeholders.
    • Meet client and stakeholder expectations by deploying specialist publishing systems and web infrastructure.
  • Maintain a balanced, independent editorial policy and endeavour to deliver trusted, authoritative content for all products based on core values that include:
    • Creative encouragement and support for authors to fully develop their ideas
    • Scrupulous peer review
    • Accuracy and attention to detail
    • Quality in design and production standards.
  • Remain fully committed to:
    • Treating authors, customers and each other honestly and fairly
    • Respecting diversity of ideas and cultures
    • Avoiding stereotypes and other prejudicial content in the products that we publish
    • Encouraging and rewarding creativity, entrepreneurial ideas, hard work and dedication
    • Operating in a manner that is conducive to a sustainable future.