Curry Industries Ltd

Curry Industries Ltd

Tasked, and respected, by ag-producers and research scientists world-wide, Curry Industries Ltd. first gained fame developing the patented POLY-FASTENER system in the 1970s. Curry Industries regularly services a wide range of markets including environment research, agriculture, horticulture and residential energy saving and conservation. Walter and Mike Curry pride themselves in meeting the specific and creatively unique needs of every single client individually - even as they continue to serve them for years to come.

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19 Burnett Avenue , Winnipeg , R2G 1C2 Manitoba Canada
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Agriculture - Agriculture Science and Research
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Globally (various continents)

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We have helped individuals and teams find solutions they didn’t know existed, from family run farms to NASA research teams.

Generally, an innovator is someone who, when faced with the realities of a situation, refuses to give in. “But that’s the way we always do it” is not the kind of answer they are ever willing to accept. An innovator exists to overcome whatever challenge they face better for every single person that will ever come after them.

That’s Walter and Mike Curry.

What some view as frustrating or even insurmountable problems, Curry Industries sees as the routine challenges they look to face every single business day.

Whether it’s helping a family farm streamline their grain storage needs or fielding hypothetical questions from a rocket scientist at NASA, Curry Industries makes it their business to solve complex problems by creating unique solutions.

Walter Curry identified the need for a way to anchor poly-film without damaging it. He invented the Poly-fastener system that’s become the benchmark for greenhouse construction around the world. Mike Curry was working with research scientists on trying to save Lake Winnipeg and developed the “floating wetland” – a bioplatform created to ensure that the natural filtration provided by cattails could grow nearly anywhere.

They’ve invented covers for bio-mass recycling plants, made life easier for farmers with their innovations in the grain and silage bag areas and even now find their business moving into the household and commercial realms of specific item storage and protection. Holders of numerous patents, awards and registered trademarks, Curry innovation has never stopped with a single product or service – it’s an ever growing and constantly expanding approach to improving the world around them. And each new advancement starts with a client’s call to their office and the Curry team’s simple but sincere response:

“Curry Industries. How can we help you?”