New developments and improvements in existing technical products and processes must prove their worth in national as well as international competition, not only from an economic, but to an increasing extent also from an ecological standpoint. Together with participants from science, industry, and society, we must find solutions which are affordable, which protect the environment, and which improve the quality of life for humanity. We operate at the interface between science and industry and perform applications-oriented research and development with the objective of implementing the results of basic research in practical technology or operational patterns.

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Leibnizstraße 21 u. 23 , Clausthal-Zellerfeld , D-38678 Germany

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Research institute
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Waste and Recycling
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Globally (various continents)

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Today's global environmental concerns are considered the highest since the history of man on earth. This is simply because man has realized the consequences of environmental negligence with its negative effects on human lives and nature. Environmental factors are largely responsible for deadly diseases and for increased expenditure. No society can afford environmental degradation. Environmental pollution is the result of man's activities on earth without proper environmental management. Sustainable environmental management is inextricably linked with improving quality of life. Links between poverty and environmental degradation are complex, but obvious. People in developing countries, for example, are by far most vulnerable to climatic variations, air, soil and water pollution, deterioration of forests and bio-diversity, overexploitation of fish stocks and the irresponsible use of certain chemicals.

CUTEC-Institut Gmbh was established in 1990 by the German government to operate as a sound technical 'bridge' between industry and science in the field of environment and energy through high quality research. This unique institute develops practical and hands-on-technologies and processes for solving environmental problems. It also lays emphasis on development and enhancement of 'local content' as well as manpower development through on-the-job, in-house training and exchange programmes. We are for the development and transfer of adapted technologies and processes depending on the location and need. CUTEC is a major environmental technology institute in Germany and popularly known in Europe. It is the only organisation in the world where all environmental sections exist in a single building complex. The inter-disciplinary activities in CUTEC provide optimal team-work and effective results using highly qualified and experienced staff and modern equipment. More than 2000 national and international environmental projects have successfully been carried out by CUTEC. Such projects are normally funded by the European Commission, the industrial partners, Federal and State Governments, funding organisations or communities/local authorities. About 145 people are engaged in CUTEC with six major departments headed by competent managers. The successes made by CUTEC in the development and application of various environmental technologies and processes have motivated it to extend its activities outside Europe. CUTEC co-operates with the private and industrial sectors, research funding organisations and also universities. Integration of environmental factors in industrial production processes is vital in CUTEC activities to ensure environmental and human protection.

CUTEC-Institut GmbH is situated ia small city of Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany located othe Harz mountaiat about 600 m above sea level and approximately 100 km south of Hanover, the state capital of the state of Lower Saxony.

CUTEC operates as ainterface betweeenvironmental technologies (science) and industry and conducts application-oriented environmental and energy research and development activities. This institute develops practical and hands-otechnologies and processes for the sustainable and adaptable treatments of solid, liquid and gaseous wastes. CUTEC has the moderfacilities required for the training of environmental personnel iall sections of the environment and energy sectors. It is a major environmental technology institute iGermany and also popularly knowiEurope. CUTEC is among the few ithe world where all environmental sections exist ia single building complex.

Over 200 national and international environment and energy projects as well as consulting have successfully beeimplemented. Such projects are normally funded by the EuropeaCommission, the industrial partners, Gover- ments, funding organisations or com muni - ties/local authorities. CUTEC has more tha120 employees working isix departments headed by competent managers with optimal interdisciplinary operations. The successes made by CUTEC ithe development and applicatioof various environmental and energy
technologies and processes have motivated it to extend its activities beyond Europe. CUTEC- Institut co-operates with the private and industrial sectors, research funding organisations and universities. Integratioof environmental factors iall humaactivities such as residential and industrial productioprocesses is vital to CUTEC to ensure global environmental safety. Major operational and international interest are as

  • Effective and sustainable treatments of solid, liquid and gaseous wastes
  • Water management
  • General environment and energy consultant
  • Advanced OxidatioProcesses for water,
  • wastewater and sludge treatment
  • Sludge conditioning and dewatering
  • Emissioreduction
  • Energy process engineering
  • Biogas production
  • Thermal processes for pyrolysis, gasification
  • and combination
  • Fuels from regenerative and fossil sources
  • Conversioof fermentatiogas, syngas
  • and hydrogeproduction
  • Fuel cell system engineering
  • Membrane bioreactors
  • Membrane separatioprocesses
  • Adapted technologies for developing countries
  • Sustainability Management
  • Modelling
  • SimulatioTechnology