CWG d.o.o.

CWG d.o.o.

CWG d.o.o.

CWG company was founded more of 25 years in Germany, with a very clear and consistent aim of `purification and treatment of water.` From its founding until today CWG is the largest and most comprehensive company with its large customer list in Europe and in the world surpasses all other competitors. With the establishment of its branches in the regions of Europe closer to its knowledge, quality and experience to all customers and clients to quickly and efficiently solve water problems. CWG has a wide range of different products in order to meet the various needs of our clients. We make plans, we design, manufacture, install and service the systems for water treatment with the latest technologies for various industries, microelectronics, power, pharmaceuticals, water and household ... Currently CWG operates with over 40 countries across Europe and the World, with more than 500,000 customers in industry and 10 million private clients.

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Buzinski prilaz 21 , Zagreb , Hrvatska HR-10010 Croatia
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water Treatment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

a wide range of manufacturing and supply of components that we allow the realization of each type of installation, but also enables the user to modify, alter or improve existing equipment. CWG group with their own companies in more than 20 countries and distributors in 50 countries, is one of Europe's largest manufacturers / distributors of tools and equipment for processing and water treatment. We create installations, consistent with the investment, operating and maintenance costs, and implemented in accordance with your needs.

Our extensive experience and proven quality equipment guarantee high reliability. We take responsibility for monitoring the impacts of plant operation and maintenance, leaving the client free to concentrate on their core business activity. Based on our expertise, we optimize existing installations and make processes more efficient. It is a force that makes us particularly desirable partner in the treatment of water.

Oriented towards the customer, flexible and able to quickly respond to the demands of our customers, we carry out work in projects with short delivery time and at the most competitive prices. By identifying the weakness of tomorrow today, we have become a link between the traditional experience and high-tech future. Our intention is to offer our facilities implement the latest technology of processing water for industry and households, increasing the quality and competitiveness of our customers, while reducing the cost of water production.

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The expert team of engineers in design work closely with our production department. Although CWG works projects throughout Europe and the world, they are able to take in cases of ambiguity in design professionally and quickly consult with our fellow engineers from abroad.
Sales and Marketing promote our products in the most efficient ways. Advertised in professional journals and participate in all European fairs.
Our staff is water great care of our customers and they regularly visit to get the most accurate and highest quality information to our installed and installed devices, and to promptly advise and assist it in resolving any complications.