DAS Environmental Expert GmbH

DAS Environmental Expert GmbH

DAS Environmental Expert is a leading environmental technology company that provides sustainable solutions for waste gas treatment and wastewater treatment while minimizing resource usage. The family-owned, mid-sized business with headquarters in Dresden, Germany stands out with two decades of technology and market experience. Our employees worldwide further develop this extensive knowledge base every day. Each one is an expert in his or her own field. This enables us to offer products and services that set the highest international standards. That is what we want to express with our claim “Environmental Expert”.

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Goppelner Str. 44 , Dresden , 01219 Germany
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

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Mission Statement of DAS Environmental Expert
Responsible use of the natural resources of air and water is the major global challenge of our time. DAS Environmental Expert has devoted its efforts to this challenge for the past 20 years. By specifically investing into sustainable technologies for waste gas treatment and wastewater treatment solutions we offer our international customers not only competitive advantages in cost- and risk management, but also help to reduce their ecological footprint.

Dedicated employees are the core of our family-owned business. They ensure that the brand 'DAS' stands for quality, reliable and efficient environmental protection. The founder's vision, the creativity and the diversity of our employees are the foundations of our success that has made us one of the world's leading providers for treatment technology to abate waste gases. We are aiming for the same leading position in wastewater treatment technology. We are committed to expand this segment, protecting existing jobs and creating new ones in the future.

Clean water and clean air ensure sustainability and the future of our civilization.

Waste Gas and Wastewater Treatment

Our commitment: Clean air and clean water
Our clients operate in resource-intensive industry branches. We realize that working in a resource-conserving way is more than just approaching the issue simply from the standpoint of resource reduction, but means rethinking all processes. We also recognize that everything is interconnected. Our products reflect this.

Our expertise in the area of high-tech production enables us to support both new technologies and the continuing development of processes through DAS solutions. This is our way of ensuring that ever more complex and demanding processes run smoothly while simultaneously conserving resources and protecting the environment.

Solutions for Waste Gas and Wastewater Treatment

We do not have a solution for every problem yet - but we are working on it.
The steps we have made so far into biological wastewater treatment show: DAS Environmental Expert recognizes the problems created by globalization.

Although we do not have a solution for rising water shortages yet – we are working to come up with one. We are rising to the challenge with our years of experience and the expertise of our employees in developing broad solutions by employing DAS technologies. We can meet the global challenge, not only by developing resource conserving technological solutions, but also by maintaining high standard work environments for our employees.

Business Activities of DAS Environmental Expert
Since 1991 DAS Environmental Expert has developed and produced client-specific Point-of-Use facilities for waste gas treatment. Our clients in the semiconductor, photovoltaic, flat panel and LED/OLED industries, as well as the electronic and chemical industry profit from our extensive technical expertise. We used this fact in order to widen our product and service portfolio to wastewater treatment. Our detailed knowledge of the manufacturing processes of our customers means that we know that waste gas and wastewater treatment are an essential part of production.

We use this expertise to offer customfit and effective solutions for our customers. DAS products facilitate safe and cost effective manufacturing procedures.

Business Unit Waste Gas Treatment
DAS Environmental Expert offers product innovations based on the most recent industry trends. Looking back shows: DAS products have always perfectly corresponded with the market's drive for innovation and our client's needs for further developments. Today, we offer 10 product lines on the basis of five different technologies. The DAS monitoring system DASMON ensures that even clients in fabs with many hundreds of systems, can supervise their machines at all times.

Business Unit Wastewater Treatment
Also our waste water treatment business is driven by high treatment demand. Therefore we have developed systems that degrade organic and anorganic pollutants from industrial effluents. Our trickle-flow bioreactors guarantee high-quality treatment of waste waters from various manufacturing industries, the waste management industry and municipalities.

Our customers have successfully implemented DAS technology in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, energy industry, laundry and textile industry, but also in the agricultural sector, the brewing and beverage industry, municipalities and in animal disposal services. DAS technology enables safe and efficient waste water treatment and recycling options.

Our waste water solutions are fully scalable just like our waste gas abatement solutions, they can be customized to the individual customer’s requirements.


Quality at DAS Environmental Expert
In the indication of world wide economic globalization, the quality of products and services obtains a constantly growing meaning.

DAS ensures highest demands on quality level of our products and services in the business units waste gas and wastewater treatment. By consistent and continuous quality improvement it succeeded, by employment of a custom-made quality management to reach a leading market position world wide.

DAS quality politics is orientated to furnish, products and services of highest quality and reliability after the current state of the art, under economic criteria. A goal is, in the framework of competitive ability to offer products and services those presupposed and/or agreed and fulfill requirements to a considerable degree, to reach the fullest satisfaction of our customers.

Our Corporate Policy:

  • Customer's satisfaction is the focus of all our efforts.
  • High quality and a balanced price strategy are the basis of solid and long-term partnerships with our customers.
  • The development of new technologies is based on the markets' demand and the customers' requirements.
  • The development and production of our facilities are current with the latest trends in science and technology and comply with environmental policies and legal requirements.
  • Implementing activities, products and services we strive for sustainable economic activity in order to preserve resources and minimize effects on environment and health of our employees and customers.
  • We commit ourselves towards customers, employees and society to meet all provisions of law and other requirements that are effective for DAS.
  • Continuing education constantly enhances the technical expertise of our employees.
  • Pleasant and safe work environments as well as the team events support motivation and health of our employees.
  • Open and clearly structured business processes, fast response and flexibility contribute to good customer relations, and the acquisition of new customers.
  • Regular reviews of internal processes ensure the continuous improvement and effectiveness of our quality management system.
  • By actively addressing the community (memberships, exhibitions, publications, and professional papers) we communicate about our recent developments of environmental technologies to be a pioneer in technical environmental protection.
  • Being a Saxony based company we feel connected with this region and contribute to local partnerships e.g. with schools and participate in research projects investing in science and education.

Product Certification at DAS
DAS products and services are distributed worldwide. DAS guarantees the certification by independent evaluators in accordance with representative and applicable standards.

History of DAS Environmental Expert

Milestones from 1991 to 2000
June 15, 1991 - Former “DAS Dünnschicht-Anlagen-Systeme GmbH” enters the Commercial Registry and establishes its Dresden headquarters on the former ELEKTROMAT company grounds near Dresden airport.

First Milestone:
Installation of ESCAPE Technology and product qualification through Siemens, Munich and Regensburg, resulting in the industrial breakthrough with first large scale order from Siemens for their newly founded microchip manufacturing fab in Dresden, Germany (1995).

Second Milestone:
First appearance in Asia (Taiwan); made possible through excellent references from Siemens and the local business partner SPIROX (1996). Installation of the first tool in January 1997.

Third Milestone:
Financial consolidation through shareholder investments from a Venture Capital group of the Deutsche Bank and business expansion in Asia with activities in Malaysia, Korea, China, Singapore, and Japan.

Fourth Milestone:
Signing the license of the ESCAPE technology to Mitsubishi KaKoKi in Kawasaki (MKK) and signing of contracts during SEMICON in Tokyo, December 05, 2000. The same year, foundation of Malaysia office.

Milestones from 2001 until today

Fifth Milestone:
VC Group of Deutsche Bank dissolves and MKK becomes registered DAS shareholder (2004).

Sixth Milestone:
DAS sells ESCAPE license to Korean partner company GST. Company founder Dr. Reichardt receives the European SEMI Award for being a “Pioneer in Waste Gas Abatement Technology” (2005).

Seventh Milestone:
Acquisition and integration of innovative biotechnology for treatment of organically loaded waste waters from industry, municipality and private households (2006). New markets open also for waste gas abatement. The solar industry is growing notably.

Eighth Milestone:
DAS continues to grow. China branch joins the DAS family and opens its office in Shanghai. The enterprise leaves “Technologiezentrum Süd” (Technology Center South), moves into newly acquired company grounds at Goppelner Straße 44 and changes its name to “DAS Environmental Expert GmbH”, Dresden (2008).

Ninth Milestone:
DAS Environmental Expert GmbH repurchases all shares from MKK and sells its first biological waste water treatment system to dairy company 'Conaprole' in Uruguay (2009).

Tenth Milestone:
Foundation of DAS Environmental Expert branch in Vietnam and installation of a turnkey waste water treatment system for a french client. Installation of first municipal waste water treatment system in Germany (2010/2011).

Eleventh Milestone:
20th anniversary of DAS Headquarters. Opening of the new branch in Argentina. DAS gets awarded as finalist at the Gran Prix of the German medium-sized businesses.

Sustainability at DAS Environmental Expert

A seal for social responsibility in manufacturing industries
The high standards of DAS equipment ensure safety for the customer’s employees and at the same time the company itself adheres to strict ethical standards in its operations.

This outstanding work has been recognized in the past. In 2005, Dr. Horst Reichardt was honored with the European SEMI Award for his pioneer work in point-of-use process waste gas abatement and the contribution of his products to fab safety worldwide. Our latest award as finalist at the Grand Prix of the German medium-sized businesses has been explained with outstanding general development of DAS, the creation and the protection of jobs as well as the exemplary efforts in the competition criteria Innovation, Local Commitment and Service/Customer Relationship/Marketing.

Social Responsibility at DAS Environmental Expert
Social responsibility is a matter for the management at DAS. The family operated company supports its employees in many different ways. For example, help with childcare and collective activities, such as, the participation in team sports and the company day out.

DAS also invests in the future of young environmental experts: The company has established close cooperation with one of Dresden’s schools Gymnasium Bürgerwiese, which started in September 2010 with a charity run for a new school building. The students are actively engaged in environmental projects – such as the planting of trees with the Dresden branch of the global environmental organization Plant for the Planet in order to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. DAS will remain committed to this and other projects for young people in the future.


Every day the customers of DAS Environmental Expert profit from the various technologies working together in DAS waste gas treatment systems. Waste gases are burned, scrubbed and finest particles are deposited. Most of our systems run 24/7 and clean left over waste gases from the processes in the semiconductor, solar module and LED manufacturing industries. Even during maintenance our DUO systems switch to the available system, so our team can service the system safely and without stopping production.

Our products for waste gas abatement are characterised by a small footprint and high availability. Our monitoring system ensures that our customers are able to monitor all of their machines at any time – even in Fabs larger than a football field.


In almost all industry branches water remains the main medium in the production process. No matter, if ultrapure, process, cooling or drinking water is needed, wastewater is a factor that even when reduced by individual wastewater treatment, can never be completely eliminated. Therefore our objective is to treat wastewater efficiently while conserving resources. DAS Environmental Expert solutions are specifically designed to do just that.

Our portfolio is completed by the performance of laboratory analyses or the usage of pilot plants for assessing the optimal wastewater treatment process. It is also possible to implement full operating models that will help you to focus your resources on your key business.

For instance, DAS Environmental Expert will help you improve the environmental performance of your business by decreasing wastewater discharge values. To achieve this we are not relying on traditional technologies, but apply our specifically developed TFR Technology for biological wastewater treatment. No matter if aerobic or anaerobic: the TFR reactors offer a small footprint, planning security and low energy consumption.


In times of worldwide economic globalization, product quality and service are becoming more important than ever.

We apply the strictest criteria to ensure the quality of our products and services for wastewater treatment and waste gas abatement. By consequently and continuously improving quality and implementing custom-tailored quality management we have become a leader in the worldwide market for environmental technology.

DAS Environmental Expert has obtained the nationally and internationally recognised ISO 9001 certification. As a worldwide operating company for environmental technology it is imperative for us to foster the trust the customers place in us by constantly optimising and reviewing our management system. This constant reviewing process is the only way our customers will know that we have developed the most optimised processes to ensure the highest quality for our leading environmental technology.

As a sustainable enterprise we are currently participating in the project Eco Profile and are preparing to become ISO 14001 certified, a norm for environmental management.

On January 09, 2013 DAS received approval as a ‘known shipper’, which further secures our high quality and safety standards from production to shipping of all products.