DGM New York

DGM New York

In 2005, a family with generations of experience in the transportation and maritime industries saw the need for a hazardous materials packaging company in New Jersey, and DGM was formed. What began as a family operation has quickly grown into a dynamic company that continues to anticipate and meet the demands of an ever changing industry. Our staff members have decades of experience in hazardous material regulations and are able to assist with any company’s dangerous goods compliance needs. Our services are heavily relied upon by manufacturers, distributors, and members of the logistics community from across the globe. From hazmat packaging, crating, and warehousing services to consulting, on-site and online training, we are a full-service logistics support company specializing in hazardous material.

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601 West Linden Avenue , Linden , 07036 New Jersey USA
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Business Type:
Consulting firm
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Hazardous Substances
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Regionally (various states or provinces)
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This latin proverb means 'to see urgent things through in a thorough manner.' At DGM, we ensure that even your most time sensitive shipments are handled with precision and accuracy. While our business has expanded to offer everything from hazardous materials packaging, crating, and warehousing to custom training and consulting, DGM keeps integrity and pride of workmanship at the core of it's company values. Our certified staff is a closely knit team of individuals who have been exceptionally trained in preparing all classes of dangerous goods for every mode of transportation. With over 30 years of experience in hazardous materials transportation, we are able to ensure that your shipments are compliant with CFR49, ICAO/IATA and IMDG Code requirements as applicable. Contact us today to see what DGM can do for you!

Dangerous goods

  • Issue dangerous goods declarations (air and ocean)
  • Provides required 24-hour emergency response number
  • Package into UN specification packaging
  • Repouring of dangerous goods
  • Marking and labeling
  • Overpacks and any other required dangerous goods packing service


  • Custom crating
  • Knock down crates
  • Reusable crates
  • Milspec crating
  • Slot crates
  • End capping
  • Any other request we can assist

Warehousing Services

  • Daily trucks for pickups and deliveries to all points in NJ  and NY
  • TSA station for freight forwarders
  • General warehousing
  • Hazardous materials warehousing and distribution
  • Loading, blocking and bracing 20ft and 40 ft containers
  • Consolidations and deconsolidation services
  • Marking and labeling

Dangerous Goods Training and Consulting

  • Consulting services for freight forwarders and their customers
  • Training for all modes


DGM New York “The DGM Difference” How Dangerous Goods Management is different than all of the competition The Difference.

1. Dangerous Goods Declarations (shipping papers for ground, ocean, and air)
When DGM issues a dangerous goods declaration/ shipping papers, the documents are issued as “DGM New York on behalf of (the shipper)”. This is how DGM takes full responsibilities, and liability for correctly preparing our customer’s shipments according to all applicable dangerous goods regulations. None of our competitors do this. They let the liability, and possible fines fall upon the shipper, and freight forwarder.

2. DGM’s 17.5 million euro liability insurance policy
Every office in the DGM network is covered by a comprehensive 17.5 million euro liability policy. This extends to cover our customer’s shipments, should there be a dangerous goods incident. This is why DGM issues all dangerous goods declarations as “DGM New York on behalf of (the shipper)”. There is no competitor that offers insurance on shipments to protect customers in the same capacity as Dangerous Goods Management. That is the DGM difference.

3. DGM Network
Dangerous Goods Management currently has 59 offices in 29 countries on 6 continents and is growing constantly. DGM is the largest dangerous goods compliance network in the world.

DGM offices:

  • North America: New York (New Jersey), Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, and Philadelphia
  • Central & South America: Argentina, Mexico, Columbia, and more
  • Europe: Poland, United Kingdom, Norway, Luxembourg, Italy, and more
  • Africa: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, South Africa, and more
  • Asia: China, Hong Kong, Japan, and more
  • Oceania: Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and more

For a full list of offices and contact information please visit: DGM Support

4. Capabilities
DGM is truly a fully comprehensive dangerous goods compliance company. The following services are available, plus many more. Please contact the office in your area to see how DGM can help you.

  • Dangerous goods declarations, and required 24-hour emergency response number
  • Hazardous material packing, and repackaging services
  • Hazmat repouring services (from IBC containers to 30 mL bottles)
  • ISPM-15 compliant crating, custom wood boxes, knockdown, reusable, Milspec and more
  • Warehousing, and distribution services for dangerous goods and general cargo/ products
  • Dangerous goods training and consulting services
  • Hazardous materials shipping paper compliance software and publications