Die Akademie Fresenius GmbH

Akademie Fresenius, based in Dortmund , belongs to the international SGS Institut Fresenius Group. We organise national and international meetings, conferences and seminars featuring top-class presenters in all areas involving the Fresenius name . For the past 20 years, Akademie Fresenius has stood for independent advanced training programmes and top-class symposiums.

Company details

Alter Hellweg 46 , Dortmund , 44379 Germany

Locations Served

Business Type:
Event organizer
Industry Type:
Publishing / Media / Marketing
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

Simply enjoy the opportunity to make new contacts within the industry and bring your knowledge base up-to-date whilst we take care of everything else: Our team is dedicated to ensuring the events run smoothly.  When you visit us, we welcome you with excellent service and a relaxed working atmosphere – coupled with that very special personal touch.

The Quality Management and Organisational Development systems implemented at Akademie Fresenius have been tested and certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

In recent years, discussions on the subject of Quality Management have also gained a footing in the German educational field. Standards and guidelines aimed at ensuring that further education providers fulfil both customer expectations and labour market needs are very much in demand.

In 2006, Akademie Fresenius underwent a Quality Management and Organisational Development examination process lasting several months.

We emerged successful: The German Society for the Certification of Management Systems (DQS) officially awarded us with the internationally accredited DIN EN ISO 9001 certification in Dortmund on 13 December 2006. Since then, regular calibration and validation of all our processes have become part of our day-to-day operations.

Nobody checks the quality of our work and products more directly – or with a more critical eye –than our customers. Nonetheless, we still have to undergo official tests on a regular basis: In February 2018 we were successfully recertified for another three years in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

What makes us so special.

Our customers move in consumer-orientated markets where the safety and quality of the products and processes involved are of paramount importance. Our dedicated team members take up the hot topics in the industry, develop these into events with a strong practical focus and ensure these events are professionally hosted in pleasant surroundings. Our work involves expanding our network of renowned speakers of the industry, politics, the consultancy sector and the research field whilst at the same time nurturing a close and trusting relationship with our customers. Many of our participants return to our events year after year – the proof of their trust in our judgement and our high quality standards.

What we offer.

Our team offers you the opportunity to apply your know-how to some very exciting projects and to contribute your own ideas. Your work will incorporate topics of high current interest to the business and scientific communities – quickly putting you in touch with some of the most exciting personalities in our society. We are looking for colleagues who are willing to accept responsibility – which we reward with plenty of freedom to make your own decisions.

We regular publish initial announcements and post-event reports on all Akademie Fresenius events. Here you can find an overview of the latest press releases.

Press distribution list and accreditations

At all our events media representatives are provided with background information and interview partners for their journalistic contributions. Unfortunately, we only have a limited number of free press tickets for each event. Please send your written accreditation request to us well in advance. We require a valid press ID and information on which medium you will be reporting for. If you would like to be accredited for a specific event.