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  • Swimming-Pool Water-Treatment Chemicals - Chlorine Based Disinfection

  • Model KVEG0101030045 - Blue Super Tabs 1kg

    Model KVEG0101030045 - Blue Super Tabs 1kg

    (chlorine containing combined swimming-pool water disinfectant tablet, 3 in 1 tablet). Disinfectant, algae inhibitor and flocculant tablet with a little pH-value reduction impact. Thanks to its simple method of application this product is recommended to disinfect up to 40-50 m3 swimming-pool sizes by placing the product into the skimmer or into a floating tablet dispenser.

  • Swimming-Pool Water-Treatment Chemicals - Chlorine Free Disinfection

  • Water Quality Testing - Test Strips

  • Industrial Water Treatment - Chemical Dosing Appliances

  • Model KBER0206060016 - NAVIDOS 050 (1/2`)

    Model KBER0206060016 - NAVIDOS 050 (1/2`)

    The water-meter attached to the dosing pump assures the dosage of chemicals on the basis of impulses (by predetermination of the number of impulses) depending on the specified quantity. The device may be ordered with water-meter connections of ½'–2'. Please fell free to choose the one best fitting your needs.

  • Drinking Water Treatment