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Model KVEG0101010001 - DEWAN-50 25 kg



Chlorine-free (active oxygen-based) swimming-pool water disinfectant principally for public pools (liquid).


Patented chlorine-free disinfectant for use in residential, commercial and thermal baths. For the disinfection of ammonium-containing waters the product has the authorization of the National Institute of Public Health. This product is a good choice in those cases where the use of chlorine is not advisable. E.g.: sensitivity to chlorine, sporting, bathing of children under the age of 3.


By means of automated measurement and control device (DINAX GENIUS) or by time controlled(DINAX BASIC) dosing pumps (STENNER). Non-dillutable!
Detailed dosage chart available at seller!


DEWAN-50 TEST STRIPS or DEWAN-50 COLORIMETRIC TESTER (ideal concentration: 50 mg/l)

water pH:

  • optimal effectiveness of the chamical at pH 7,0-7,6
  • pH-neutral, so only the pH deviations of the mains water must be corrected


  • DINAX MÍNUSZ F – pH-reducer
  • ALGI-CID – algae-growth inhibitor
  • DINAX FLOCK F – flocculant
  • BIOPOOL-G – enzymatic degreaser detergent (to remove the „grease line” from the swimming-pool walls)
  • DINAX HABSTOP – defoamer
  • DINAX METAL MAGIC F – iron remover
  • DINAX COVER CLEANER F – calcium-precipitate remover liquid

Available packaging sizes: 10 and 25 kg returnable cans, 1000 kgs IBC-container.

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