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Today the Dinex Group, with its headquarters in Denmark, operates through 15 companies and employs over 800 employees worldwide with productions in Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Turkey, Russia, and China.The constantly growing portfolio of more than 15.000 part numbers and complete systems represents everything from pipes, silencers, clamps, flexible pipes, insulations and after treatment products like SCR and DPF. Dinex is the only manufacturer worldwide of exhaust and emission products that has its own technology and production platforms of emission substrates and coating facilities.

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Vision of global market leadership
The vision of the Dinex Group is to become the worlds leading manufacturer of complete exhaust and emission systems for the off-road and on-road markets for diesel engines.

This includes continuous improvement of existing filter medias and reliable, cost effective exhaust control and monitoring systems to ensure optimal functionality and compliance.


European sales network
The Dinex Group is located in all major European countries. The head office with Group Management and production is located centrally in Denmark. Further production facilities are situated in Latvia, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and Turkey.

To serve the European aftermarket, subsidiaries functioning as regional sales and distribution centres are located in Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Latvia, Russia, Sweden, United States and Turkey. In addition, a number of distributors are representing Dinex worldwide.

In 2010, additional production facilities are planed in United States and Asia.

The R&D Company
All research and development activities are managed centrally from the head office in Denmark. Dinex Emission Technology A/S, the groups R&D company, will facilitate the Dinex vision by cooperating with the best technology providers in the World to identify, test and validate the best available technology for future emission control to be applied for diesel engines serving the on-road and off-road market segments.


Product Development
More than 50 R&D employees work on developments of exhaust and emission control systems in house. This includes all stages from design, 3-D drawings, flow dynamics and testing at Dinex’s Test Lab for noise, back pressure and prototype designs.

Dinex uses SolidWorks - a 3D CAD system programme, which is a major advantage when communicating with customers as exchanging 3D models and drawings etc. is simplified.

2D Drawings

  • Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • 2D DXF/DWG (.DXF, .DWG)
  • TIF image (.TIF)

3D Models/Assembly

  • STEP AP203/214
  • Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (.IGS)
  • Pro/ENGINEER files (.PRT, .ASM, .XPR, .XAS)


In the development phase different methods of calculation are applied, based on theoretical values and experience, as well as information supplied by customers.


As a subcontractor to many of Europe’s leading companies within the automotive industry, quality management is a demand.

This is why Dinex maintains a quality management system, which is developed regularly and helps securing continuous improvements.

Quality policy
Dinex wants to be the leading producer and supplier of exhaust systems and emission control technologies for trucks, busses and industrial vehicles.

In order to achieve this, Dinex’s objectives are to:

  • Bring the customer into focus and ensure a qualified customer service.
  • Meet customer demands through intensive product development.
  • Develop and maintain a flexible production.
  • Promote the quality management system in all areas of the company.
  • Implement continuous improvements in all processes.
  • Treat claims in a manner that will maintain confidence to Dinex.
  • Be known as a good work place, which acknowledges its social responsibility concerning work environment and employee development.

Quality Management
To implement the quality policy, Dinex has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 since 1995 and ISO / TS 16949 since 2010. By complying with the demands of this standard, we ensure:

  • That Dinex has set up quality objectives and continuously does follow up on these.
  • That product development and construction investigation are systemised and implemented in accordance with the customer’s specifications.
  • That Dinex use approved suppliers exclusively, and regularly evaluate their performances.
  • That all production processes are done in a controlled environment and with the newest technology.
  • That all employees are qualified and receive the relevant supplementary training.
  • That products are checked with calibrated measuring equipment.
  • That corrective and preventive actions are implemented where necessary.


Customers, consumers and society in general put increasing emphasis on evaluating companies’ production and products in terms of their impact on the environment. Therefore, Dinex A/S documents its environmental initiatives continuously. This makes it easy for the surroundings to evaluate the environmental impact.

Environmental policy
Dinex A/S wants to reduce the environmental effects from the company’s activities and products continuously in order to meet the demands and expectations of society.

Furthermore, Dinex A/S wants:

  • To be an environment conscious company, which to the largest extent possible is abreast of both legal and customer demands in the environmental area.
  • To help a sustainable development through reduction of consumed resources based on cleaner technology and energy-conserving work routines.
  • To maintain an open dialogue about all environmental issues.

Environmental management
Since March 2004, Dinex A/S has been certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard. In this way, the company’s customers and other interested parties are ensured:

  • hat Dinex A/S has set up environmental objectives and does follow up on these.
  • That environmental action plans are set up and maintained.
  • That environmental aspects related to product development are considered.
  • That Dinex A/S has an emergency contingency.
  • That all employees are qualified and receive the relevant training concerning environment.
  • That corrective and preventive actions are implemented where necessary.
  • That the company’s management evaluates the efficiency of the environmental system continuously.

The Dinex Group Code of Conduct applies to all members of the Board of Directors and all employed by the Dinex Group. Dinex encourages suppliers within its sphere of influence to adopt these principles. In the assessment of potential and current suppliers, the principles described in this document shall be applied.

Legal Compliance

In every country in which it operates, the Dinex Group shall abide by the laws and regulations of that country. In cases of conflict between mandatory law and the principles contained in this code, the law shall prevail.

Basis Human Rights

The Dinex Group endorses the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights, and anyone who works directly or indirectly for Dinex Group should be entitled to his or her basis human rights.


The Dinex Group hires and treats its employees in a manner that does not discriminate with regard to gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, union affiliation, social or ethnic origin.

Child Labour

The Dinex Group does not accept child labour. A child in this context is in line with the exceptions set out in the ILO Convention No. 138, or in accordance with the law of the relevant country.

Work Environment

The necessary conditions for a safe healthy work environment shall be provided for all Dinex Group employees.


The logistics department is responsible for purchasing, production planning, management, warehouse, shipment and transport.

Integrated part of Dinex’ product palette

Communication of information, product knowledge, co-ordination, physical handling and fulfilment of agreements are the contribution of the logistics department to Dinex’ value chain. The services must be considered an integrated part of Dinex’ product portfolio.


Fewer suppliers

In order to optimise the strategic purchases, Dinex wants to reduce the number of suppliers, and cooperate with suppliers offering a wider and deeper product portfolio.

Partner agreements with suppliers

The trade with primary suppliers is to be considered more of a partner agreement than a regular sales agreement.

Consequently Dinex' primary suppliers are expected to be abreast of developments within their product area and contribute to optimising/ development of all functions connected with their part of Dinex’ supply chain, both nationally and internationally.


Production planning

The production planners are the connecting link between sales, development and production. Based on a common IT platform they coordinate the production needs and capacity of the Group.

At the same time, they have the contact to Dinex’ subcontractors.


Maximum accessibility to Dinex’ products

Dinex has 5 production facilities, 2 central warehouses and 8 regional warehouses, which are physically connected by a high frequency transportation system. Combined with a unambiguous part number system, this ensures maximum accessibility to Dinex’ products.

Automatic Warehouse

In Dinex Demark a part of the warehouse is an automatic warehouse which is 15 meter high and 3,000 square meters. It contains 9,700 pallets, which are stored and restored by five fully automatic robots. The automatic warehouse has been implemented with focus on data logging, unambiguous labelling and storage. The efficiency of the warehouse is approximately six times higher than the previous manual warehouse. Raw materials, templates and products are transported directly between the production and the warehouse by automatic trucks (AGVs).


In respect of packaging and preparation for shipment, Dinex is able to comply with specific customer demands relating to branding, wrapping, packing in kits etc. As a standard all Dinex products are steel stamped with product number and provided with a barcode label (EAN13).

Delivery within 24 hours

The objective is to be able to deliver all products found the product catalogues within 24 hours – no matter where the product is stored. If the OEM customer has a logistic agreement with Dinex, Dinex will carry a stock of certain products and is able to deliver within 24 hours.


Dinex use both parcel distribution and standard distribution through shipping agent. For parcel distribution different regional suppliers are used. The main carrier is DSV.

Dinex wants to select and use primary suppliers, who are capable of supplying the best price, quality, delivery certainty and environmental responsibility on the market.

Dinex will achieve this through:

  • Approving primary suppliers based on continuous evaluation of their performance.
  • Securing a correct foundation for agreements and purchases in the form of framework agreements with all primary suppliers.
  • Promoting primary suppliers’ incentives to introduce environmental management.

Objectives concerning purchase and suppliers:

  • For at least 100% of all purchase order lines from primary suppliers, the desired date of delivery must be equivalent to the conformed  date of delivery.
  • For at least 100% of all purchase order lines from primary suppliers, the actual delivery date must be equivalent to the confirmed date of delivery.
  • The degree of material utilization must be at least 75%.