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  • Horizontal Remediation Wells

    Horizontal Remediation Wells

    Horizontal remediation wells for the cleanup of contaminated sites. Horizontal remediation well technology is used for: Soil Vapor Extraction Air Sparging Thermal Treatment Groundwater Extraction Chemical Injection

  • Environmental Remediation Wells & Services

    Environmental Remediation Wells & Services

    When drilling environmental remediation wells, horizontal wells are compatible with most in-situ remediation schemes and are a preferred delivery method for many technologies. DTD environmental remediation services currently use horizontal wells primarily for soil vapor extraction (SVE), various forms of sparging or biosparging, and groundwater extraction. It is also possible to introduce nutrients or even innoculate contaminated areas with biological...

  • Horizontal Soil Vapor Extraction Services

    Horizontal Soil Vapor Extraction Services

    Soil vapor extraction is an in-situ remediation technology that utilizes a vacuum to extract contaminated vapors adsorbed to soils and treat the vapors prior to release. Studies have found this technology to be most effective for remediation of volatile organic compounds and some semi-volatile organic compounds. This technology is often used in combination with air sparging or biosparging.

  • Horizontal Air Sparging System

    Horizontal Air Sparging System

    Air sparging through a horizontal air sparging system can often enhance a soil vapor extraction (SVE) system. Horizontal wells provide a very effective mechanism for distributing air throughout the contaminated region. A horizontal air sparging system can be installed under a wide variety of conditions to induce more effective soil vapor extraction. Above the water table, the use of hot air sparging or steam injection systems can mobilize even...

  • Groundwater Extraction

    Groundwater Extraction

    Groundwater extraction from a horizontal well is somewhat similar to a vertical well system. A screened section of casing is emplaced in the zone targeted for groundwater extraction. The screened casing is connected to blank casing leading to the ground surface. Water from the surrounding formation enters the screened section and is pumped to the surface using a submersible pump.

  • Horizontal-Directional Sampling for Environmental and Geotechnical Studies

    Horizontal-Directional Sampling for Environmental and Geotechnical Studies

    Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) provides a viable means to collect environmental samples from locations that are inaccessible to vertical drill rigs, direct-push methods, or sonic methods, due to surface infrastructure or natural barriers. Using directional drilling techniques, DTD can collect samples from locations that are hundreds of feet away from the...

  • Water Resources Services

    Water Resources Services

    Directed Technologies Drilling can apply horizontal directional drilling to your water resources project.In many applications, directional drilling can increase productivity, decrease filtration costs, replace recharge basins or create passive water supplies.

  • Well Investigation Services

    Well Investigation Services

    Directed Technologies Drilling can help you identify the causes of decreased well performance and provide the development tools necessary to rehabilitate and maintain efficient wells.

  • Utilities Installation Services

    Utilities Installation Services

    You are faced with the job of connecting electrical or telecommunications systems between buildings separated by a 300-foot parking lot. Under the parking lot is a network of storm sewer, sanitary sewer, telephone, gas, and electric lines.The driveway is the main entrance to a major manufacturing facility, and your clients do not want to disrupt their business. Where do you turn for a cost-effective solution?

  • Soil Venting & Biosparging

    Soil Venting & Biosparging

    Soil Venting—the injection of air into the soil or groundwater at fairly low rates—can dramatically increase biological activity associated with the natural degradation of organic compounds.