Directional Technologies, Inc. is the expert Horizontal Remediation Well drilling contractor. The company specializes in the installation and design of Horizontal Remediation Well systems. Directional Technologies provides planning, review, well screen design and well development. The company began installing Horizontal Remediation Wells in 1993. We were the first to install Horizontal Remediation Wells with a medium-sized directional drill rig. These first wells were installed at the JFK International Airport. Directional Technologies has continued to be the environmental directional drillers relied upon to advance horizontal remediation systems technology. Directional Technologies has completed many projects that were previously considered unfeasible. More than 1,000 Horizontal Remediation Wells have been installed by Directional Technologies over the last 25 years.

Company details

130 S. Geronimo Street, Suite 2 , Miramar Beach , Florida 32550 USA

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Business Type:
Engineering service provider
Industry Type:
Soil and Groundwater - Site Remediation
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US


Directional Technologies is a small woman-owned business that provides horizontal drilling services to the environmental remediation and utility industries. The company was founded in 1992 by Michael and Katherine Sequino.

The firm provides horizontal directional drilling for the utility industry, and horizontal well installations, and installation-related services such as installation planning, constructability review, well development and maintenance for the environmental remediation industry.

Katherine Sequino, CEO and principal owner of the firm, is responsible for administration, finance, and for developing new markets for horizontal drilling. Mike Sequino, the company's principal engineer has relevant experience in the oil field, the utility industry, and the environmental industry. He is responsible for field operations.

Directional Technologies, Inc. is an innovative and creative company that has successfully utilized directional drilling in many projects that were originally thought to be unfeasible.

As an experienced trenchless utility contractor, the company completes simple road crossings to larger projects including 3.5 miles of gas pipeline. The experience and knowledge of both the utility and environmental industry allow us to bring all the skills necessary to successfully complete the toughest projects.

If you look closely at the picture above, you will notice the directional drill rig located on the street on the other side of this obviously active railroad. Directional Technologies, Inc. is an innovative and creative company that has successfully utilized directional drilling in many projects that were originally thought to be unfeasible.

As HDD specialists, Directional Technologies, Inc. has extensive experience and all necessary equipment for making trenchless installations for a wide range of clients from telecommunications electrical, natural gas, water mains and services, especially in New England's varied and difficult soil conditions. Project requirements have ranged from placing 2-inch single-conduit material to 20-inch pipe.

Directional Technologies is one of the few directional drilling contractors experienced in using the technology to install horizontal remediation wells for environmental clean-up applications and provides construction-related services for installing horizontal remediation wells including:

  • Sampling
  • Planning and preliminary consulting to engineers and site managers as they assess the technical appropriateness of HRWs. Assistance may include:
    • Assistance in selecting remediation equipment and well materials
    • Assistance in well design
    • Constructability review to assist design engineers with practical insights for efficient implementation of HRW designs
  • Construction of HRWs including
    • On-Site planning for proposed bore paths
    • Equipment mobilization
    • Horizontal Boring
    • Screen fabrication and placement
    • Well development
    • Assistance with system startup, performance monitoring, and performance evaluation
  • Turnkey design-build remediation


Directional Technologies has developed long-lasting relationships with engineers and consultants throughout the USA. As an ongoing resource, Directional Technologies maintains regular contact with clients and Directional Technologies' staff is always available to discuss potential opportunities. Informal consultation and review of site characteristics will aid designers in assessing the appropriateness of HRWs for specific locations.

United States
Directional Technologies, Inc. installs horizontal remediation wells using directional drilling technology from coast to coast in the United States. Our directional drilling crews typically mobilize from one project to the next project and are rarely in our offices.

Global Markets
The company’s experience and expertise in horizontal remediation well systems is recognized internationally. Our experts support, develop and design projects around the globe.  Directional Technologies, Inc. can help ensure a smooth and successful project completion in any country and in any culture.

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  • Directional Drilling Operations
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