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Our vision is the manufacturing of equipment for effective handling and recycling regardless of where food waste originate - on sea or land - in kitchens or food processing industry - in commercial kitchens or private households. We are proud to be a supplier of food waste disposers to major galley manufacturers around the world and we are confident that the competence that we have accumulated over the past 50 years will help you to reduce costs for handling of organic waste.We are proud to be a major supplier of disposers to major galley manufacturers around the world.

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Mälarvägen 9 , Segeltorp , SE-141 71 Sweden

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Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems
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Globally (various continents)
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Established in 1946 as a division of the Swedish based company Hägglund & Söner AB, Disperator was later established as a limited company after a management take-over in 1967. The present owner, Family Holmqvist, acquired the company in 1989. The Chairman of the Board is Mr. Stig Holmqvist who has experience from leading positions in several larger Swedish companies and the President of Disperator AB is Mr. Lars Holmqvist.

We are proud to be a major supplier of disposers to major galley manufacturers around the world. Our business concept is based on the manufacture of machines to reduce the volume of organic waste and brittle waste. This is done by grinding waste into small particles for ease of transport. The grinder is dimensioned to suit the waste material and an assortment of mounting assemblies enables easy access into the grinder and ensures safety for the operator.

A core of employees responsible for product development, production, sales and administration work closely with parts suppliers and consultants to ensure that high quality products can be purchased at competitive prices.

Innovation is a key word for the way our units are assembled to suit customer requirements. The adaptability of our products to meet individual needs is reflected in our organization.