DJE Recycling Systems Limited

DJE Recycling Systems Limited

DJE Recycling Systems Specialist Supplier of Recycling Machinery & Systems. The waste and recycling industry never stands still. Neither does DJE Recycling Systems with our commitment to you we have 39 years experience and knowledge of the recycling industry. Offering one of the largest ranges of machinery, systems and auxiliary options available in the UK to meet all your recycling requirements from Market Leading Worldwide Manufactures. All machinery and systems we supply are designed for working in harsh environments and manufactured to meet your requirements.

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Enterprise House, 36 Sorby Way, Wickersley , Rotherham , S66 1DR England United Kingdom
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Recycling Systems
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Nationally (across the country)

Why DJE Recycling Systems?

DJE Recycling Systems offer cost effective recycling solutions. From stand alone machinery to full bespoke systems for both the private and public sectors that help you to divert contaminated reusable plastics from landfill.
With the tightening of export regulations, it has become necessary for many types of materials to be recycled correctly and cleaned prior to being exported or re-used within the UK.
We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of recycling machinery and auxiliary equipment for the UK market supplying waste processing machinery ranging from stand alone machines to large scale waste recovery operations.
Utilising the very latest technology available DJE Recycling Systems are able to design and commission systems with cutting edge technology to maximise your recycling and recovery potential at affordable prices.

This is achieved by making use of a number of different components including material feeders,trommels, magnets, sink float tanks, dryers, conveyors, screw compactors, blowers, shredders: single shaft,twin shaft, four shaft, granulators, optical sorting equipment, pelletizing systems, balers and compactors.
Our experience in trading recycled plastics means we are able to engineer a machine around your needs but with the end market for the product in mind, meaning you produce the best product possible to the buyer's specification. We are also happy to provide accurate business plan costings and contract purchase your end product at market leading rebates.

Whether you are a manufacturer looking to lower your costs and create value from your waste or a waste management company looking to take the next step please give DJE Recycling Systems a call for a free highly competitive price and a no obligation quotation.
Please use the related links on our web site or the drop down bars showing DJE's extensive range of machinery, alternatively give us a call for a no obligation quote, or an email requesting further information on our range of machinery.
All our machinery and systems are designed to suit your specific needs and they are built to suit the materials that you need to process. Our customers are given outline, site plan drawings prior to any commitment of an order being agreed.

Our belief is the equipment you purchase is only as good as the after sales service. This is why we put so much emphasis on product support and have built in quality and reliability into our full range of equipment. When you purchase equipment from DJE you can be assured of an excellent after sales service. 

Service and Product Support 
Customer Support | Service Backup
DJE Recycling Systems is quite unique in the way we handle Customer Support | Service Backup
We only use Factory trained staff who are actually employed by our manufactures. Our many years experience in the industry has shown that service issues can be resolved quickly and efficiency with staff employed by the manufactures  who are qualified and experienced  in their particular fields of work eg : diagnosing  electrical faults, hydraulic problems, fabrication and welding issues  ect . By adopting this policy you always get the correct product service engineer to attend your service or repair issues.
We only supply genuine parts from our manufactures to our customers who want to carry out their own service work which does not invalidate any warranty terms and conditions. Parts are always being updated or improved so you're guaranteed to get the latest available parts for your machinery so we usually supply parts on overnight delivery service delivered direct to our customers.  By adopting this parts stock holding  policy we can reduce prices on parts because we don't have to add stocking and rehandling surcharges to our customers.

Site Surveys

DJE Recycling Systems are at all times available to carry out on-site survey’s so we can get to fully understand customer’s needs and advise them on the best type of waste handling and recycling equipment for each particular site or project.

DJE won’t accept any order until we have carried out a full site survey and both parties are satisfied that the correct machinery or systems are being installed and can work well within its capacity allowing for business growth. 

Design Service

We are able to provide detailed layout drawings and specifications for individual customer sites. This service is normally free – except in some cases where larger and more complex projects require much greater design time. 


With over 38 years experience in recycling machinery and the installation of waste handling and recycling equipment we offer this service both directly and indirectly throughout the UK.

We never have machinery delivered without it being installed by a competent member of our staff or a qualified service engineer from the manufacturer.

All recycling systems are built and fully trialed before being delivered to site for full installation.

Reducing Installation Costs

Machinery is delivered directly from our manufactures to site, by adapting this policy we reduce transport costs. All our machinery and systems go through full factory pre checks and full trials carried out prior to dispatch and installation.


All of the machinery and systems which we supply are recognised as being of an excellent quality, with a high residual value and reliability and with excellent product support from DJE Recycling Systems or from one of our manufacturers.

We only work with the manufacturers and suppliers that have strong balance sheets, whom are totally solvent and that have many years manufacturing and design experience.
As a result all of the reputable finance houses we use have no problem whatsoever in offering their most competitive rates and financial packages. This facility is of course subject to their usual terms & conditions.

Finance options are for guide line purposes only and would be subject to the finance companys terms.

The Benefits of Leasing

  •   No need to find hefty deposits.
  •   Tax advantages to leasing.
  •   Regular lease payments which do not increase, even if interest rates do.
  •   Preserve existing credit lines and overdrafts.
  •   Leasing converts a large capital expenditure into small monthly payments.
  •   The company has the profit-making equipment immediately and keeps their cash reserve available.
  •   Rather than investing the precious cash reserves in depreciating assets, the company can use them to help
  •   increase profits.
  •   Lease rental is 100% tax deductable

The main reason for the majority of companies leasing rather than purchasing equipment is to use leasing as a method of reducing tax bills.

This is because lease rental is 100% tax deductible, meaning that all of the payments which you make for your equipment is written off against your tax bill. For any profit making business, this means a substantial saving on the real cost of acquiring equipment. This could save you between 20-40% of your lease payments, depending on the rate of tax which you pay.

Payments on qualifying leases are written off as direct operating expenses rather than as a debt or an outstanding liability thus reducing short term taxable income. Capital allowances are passed on , you can offset your rentals against taxable profits and can also reclaim the VAT on your monthly payments. This status as a rental as opposed to a liability on a company's balance sheet is something which the banks like to see and which is one of the many reasons why an operating lease is attractive. For this reason, leasing is often referred to as ‘off balance sheet’ financing – a tremendous advantage to both large and small businesses with optional ownership at the end of the lease.

Rental agreement, the title of the goods remain with the Lessor (i.e. BOSEF), which means that the equipment does not show on the company's balance sheet and therefore not needing to be depreciated over a fixed period.

The disadvantage of buying equipment outright

The disadvantage to buying any equipment out-right is the capital invested becomes a depreciating asset. This becomes an asset who’s value decreases overtime.The total amount which assets have depreciated during a reporting period is shown on the cash flow statement. This also makes up part of the expenses shown on the income statement. The amount which assets have depreciated by the end date is shown on the balance sheet.