Dryden Aqua Ltd

Dryden Aqua manufacture wide range of equipment for water and waste water treatment and are able to fully support all our systems through a high level of technical expertise. Our high level of expertise enables us to provide a cost affective solutions to most water quality problems in aquaculture, waste water treatment, potable water and environmental issues.

Company details

Butlerfield, Bonnyrigg , Edinburgh , Scotland EH19 3JQ United Kingdom

Locations Served

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Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €



Dryden Aqua is a Scottish based Marine Biological company established in 1980 specializing in water quality and innovative water treatment technology. We have a strong research and development background and have been conducting research for the European Commission and UK Government under a Life Environment program, presently we are working on an FP7 project to help develop clean drinking water for India.

As marine biologists our focus is with aquaculture and environmental business sectors in relation to sustainable water treatment technology. An understanding of the biological as well as the physio-chemical reactions has permitted Dryden Aqua to develop a unique range of products relating to; media bed filtration, coagulation and nano-technology. As a result of this unique combination we can now state that we have closed the loop on swimming pool water treatment, we have eliminated disinfection by products and reduced operation costs by more than 30%.

Dryden Aqua are manufacturers as well as Research and Development company located in Edinburgh Scotland. We manufacture a range of products for water and wastewater treatment, including fine bubble air diffusers and ceramic oxygen diffusers. We also manufacture dissolved oxygen probes, indeed we are the largest manufacturer of oxygen probes in the United Kingdom

Present and Future

Dryden Aqua will continue to expand and develop the manufacturing and Research base. Dryden Aqua Distribution in Switzerland is established for sales and marketing in Europe for the pool industry. In addition we have ware-housing and distribution around Europe support by our highly trained technical distributers.

Dryden Aqua R & D is now focusing on solving drinking water and waste water issues in Europe as well as India, Africa and South America.

Current Research

  • + cryptosporidium control in drinking water and pool water
  • + toxicology of disinfection by-products
  • + national survey of pool industry water and air quality
  • + Eco-India drinking water technology under FP7
  • + glass technology, nano structure and catalytic control
  • + climate change research, in relation to marine biodiversity

Values and Ethics

The mission and focus of Dryden Aqua is to try and make the world a better place.

We are an environmental company specializing in water and aquatic ecosystems. We are aware of the impact that bioaccumulation of toxic chemicals has on the planets ecosystem and their impact on climate change. We have developed technology that can treat the waste water to prevent the pollution and this may actually be a solution to help the ecosystem remove carbon dioxide.

We are also aware of the health implications of disinfection by products on children from chlorinated municipal supplies and swimming pools and the biological risk from parasites such as cryptosporidium. We are providing practical low cost solutions in Europe as well as India and Africa that are saving lives.

However we have not forgotten our roots and as Marine Biologists we provide life support systems for fish in public aquaria. If we loose the marine ecosystem the terrestrial ecosystem will collapse and civilization will be over. If the terrestrial ecosystem collapses the seas and the marine ecosystem will actually improve.